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An interface between a protected computer or computer network and the World Wide Web (WWW). The interface comprises a split proxy system that encapsulates TCP/IP transmissions into a script transmission, which is not subject to problems in high latency systems, thereby greatly improving WWW access, ...

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A methodology for retrieving textual data objects is disclosed. The information is treated in the statistical domain by presuming that there is an underlying, latent semantic structure in the usage of words in the data objects. Estimates to this latent structure are utilized to represent and retriev ...

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A system for recording and playing back multimedia events includes recording sources, a preprocessor, a delivery processor, and user control units. The recording sources each captures a continuous temporal record or track of the multimedia event and transmits the captured track to the source preproc ...

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A high performance packet switching network that can be used to provide voice data and video communication on a large scale is disclosed. The packet switching network has a broadcast capability which makes it suitable for applications including commercial television distribution and conferencing.

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Communication among entities such as customer premises equipment (20, 22, 28) in a telecommunications network (10) is set up through the use of agents representing each entity (20, 22, 28). Agents representing corresponding entities in the telecommunications network (10) negotiate over the type of c ...