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The invention relates to a method for the preparation in a reactor of a UHMWPE material doped with an antioxidant, preferably vitamin E.

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Method and apparatus for a railway navigation system which provides information defining the position of a railway vehicle on a track system. The system uses an on-board computer with a track database representing the locations of the rail lines, including locations of curves and switches. The syste ...

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The present invention provides a method for preventing a driver of a motor vehicle from using a cellular telephone while the motor vehicle is in motion. The invention comprises a step of determining a position of the gear shift lever in such motor vehicle and generating a first signal when the posit ...

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A simple, lightweight cooling garment is provided for medical personnel working at intense medical tasks in warm environments (e.g. lead aprons and sterile gowns). The garment comprises an outer, air impermeable layer of material of minimal weight and bulk and an inner layer of air permeable materia ...

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A rail vision system visually reads signal aspect information from each wayside signal device of a wayside signaling system. It also warn a train operator of the more restrictive signal aspects and imposes a penalty brake application should the train operator fail to acknowledge the warning. Each wa ...

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The cab signal and rail navigation systems of a railway locomotive are combined to form a single integrated system capable of acting as an automatic train protection system. The train travels along a railway route equipped with a wayside signaling system that features a multiplicity of wayside signa ...

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A coin handling apparatus for sorting and/or counting a plurality of coins (15a-h) has a circular sorting path with at least one off-sort station (6) and a rotatable carrier device (3) for transporting the coins along the circular sorting path. Furthermore, the apparatus has a first rotatable means ...

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In a method of IP routing lookup in a routing table, comprising entries of arbitrary length prefixes with associated next-hop information in a next-hop table, to determine where IP datagrams are to be forwarded, a representation of the routing table is stored, in the form of a complete prefix tree (

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Method and apparatus for monitoring brake performance and updating information relating to brake performance while a train is in motion. A computer on the train is provided with inputs for grade information, axle speed, brakepipe pressure, and locomotive tractive effort. During brake applications wh ...

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A medicine for treating non-inflammatory and non-infectious bowel disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, non-ulcer dyspepsia, gastro-oesophageal reflux with or without oesophagitis, and diverticular disease, comprising a salicylic acid derivative, such as any one of sulfasalazine ...