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Casing slip joints are provided on opposite sides of a fracture initiation location to accommodate casing and formation movement during fracturing of a well. In another aspect of the invention, the fracture initiation location is provided by forming openings through the well casing and then forming ...

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A well is completed by cementing a casing string in place in the well. A jetting tool assembly is run into the casing string on a tubing string. The jetting tool assembly engages a sliding sleeve of a casing valve and slides the sliding sleeve to an open position uncovering a plurality of housing po ...

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A monobore completion system where the well is completed using a tubing conveyed perforating completion system having an automatic gun release and support for the tubing conveyed perforating guns.

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The present invention includes devices for absorbing shock in a tool string within a borehole. These components may serve together in a variety of configurations to form a shock absorbing system. A longitudinal shock absorber is connected in the tool string. The longitudinal shock absorber includes ...

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Set retarded cement compositions for cementing across a zone or zones in a well having enhanced compressive strength and rapid gel strength development after placement. The cement compositions are comprised of hydraulic cement, sufficient fresh water to form a pumpable slurry, a set retarder compris ...

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An improved liner assembly for open hole, multi-zone gravel pack completions employing full opening gravel and cementing collars and full opening inflatable packers. The valve mechanism of each full opening collar and full opening packer comprises an inner valve sleeve operated solely by vertical re ...

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The present invention provides a setting tool having a tubular sleeve assembly. An upper mandrel is disposed within said sleeve assembly and interconnected therewith by a rotational screw jack means. A lower mandrel is connected to the upper mandrel by a load transfer device for governing a maximum ...

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A differential fill valve assembly for application in float collars or shoes in well casing. The valve assembly comprises a back pressure flapper valve disposed within a substantially tubular upper housing, and a lower housing containing an activating sleeve slidably disposed therein above a double ...

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An inflatable grout packer includes a housing having an inner bore. An annular inflatable bladder is received in the inner bore of the housing. The bladder has an inflation cavity defined therein for containing an inflatation fluid. The bladder has first and second axial ends and has radially inner ...

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An apparatus for monitoring the motion of a railroad train includes an on-board unit which computes the speed, acceleration/deceleration, and distance traveled events of the train and stores such computed data for retention by a non-volatile memory after a power interruption or outage occurs. The ap ...