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A system is described for use in a semiconductor memory for rapidly transferring data between a plurality of successive memory locations and a data output buss. The system includes a plurality of data latches for storing data derived from successive locations in memory, and a corresponding plurality ...

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The invention provides heated gloves. A battery saver circuit applies heat with a temperature responsive pulse width modulation that changes the duty cycle at which heat is applied to the glove. The battery saver circuit is part of a battery pack which is mounted on the back of the glove. A reflecti ...

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A seat belt webbing adjuster having a base frame provided with a moveable elongated load bar of unique shape having a substantially planar transverse surface and having multiple transverse rounded edges displaced therefrom and about which seat belt webbing is wrapped, the load bar being adapted to p ...

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A castor has a two-armed integrally formed spring metal brake member which is pivoted on the castor body for selective movement between a braking position, in which a detent portion on one arm brakingly engages teeth on the castor wheel, to prevent wheel rotation, and a detent portion on the other a ...

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A reverse osmosis water processing and storage system having a prefilter, reverse osmosis membrane assembly, and a storage volume contained within a first tank. The prefilter and reverse osmosis membrane assembly are located within a second tank which is in turn located within an expandable bladder ...

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An easy to use pill safety dispenser having few parts and which are easily manipulated even by persons with digital disabilities such as arthritis and paralysis. The dispenser consists of a axially arranged cylindrical pill container having a pill dispensing aperture in its sidewall and a row of slo ...

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A bypass valve for directing a supply flow either through a treatment tank to the distribution system, or for bypassing the treatment tank and directing the supply flow through the valve directly to the distribution system. In the bypass position, the treatment tank may be physically removed from th ...

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A hanger for securing a pair of gloves to each other and for hanging the pair of gloves from a peg. A hanger is formed with a hook, and a pair of ribs are provided on a pair of members which are spring loaded toward each other such that the ribs will engage the gloves therebetween to secure the glov ...

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A wye-delta open transition motor starter provided with a leading phase monitor and a method of using the same such that transient currents during the open transition are limited to acceptable magnitudes.

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A self-contained monitoring system for monitoring the operating condition of a fluid treatment device. A housing provides a pair of flow passages, one for liquid supplied to, and the other for liquid treated by the fluid treatment device. Separate pairs of electrodes are provided, with one pair of e ...