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The invention involves a body-worn, hands-free computer system. The system does not rely upon a keyboard input or activation apparatus but rather has various activation means all of which are hands-free. The system can be used with other systems, other system components and communication apparatus. ...

Felix M DiRe, Joseph Carlisi: Game with multiple winning ways. James J Ralabate, June 6, 1989: US04836546 (311 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and game process having two steps, Step I and Step II, is disclosed having three ways of winning. In step I, the player preselects up to "Y" numbers, "Y" is equal to the number of indicators on the apparatus. In Step, I, the first way of winning (or becoming eligible to win) is by selec ...

Felix M DiRe, Joseph Carlisi: Apparatus and process for multiple wins in one game. James J Ralabate, July 12, 1988: US04756531 (202 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and game process having three ways of winning. The player preselects up to "Y" numbers, "Y" is equal to the number of indicators on the apparatus. The first way of winning is by selecting any winning number which will be displayed on any one indicator. The second way of winning is by pr ...

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A charge pattern of a single polarity and having at least three different levels of potential is developed in two colors by utilizing relatively negatively charged toner particles of one color and relatively positively charged toner particles of a second color.

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A developer composition comprising (1) electroscopic toner particles (2) a friction-reducing material of a hardness less than said toner and having greater fricton-reducing characteristics than said toner material, and (3) a finely divided nonsmearable abrasive material of a hardness greater than sa ...

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This is a body-worn, hands-free activated computer that is constructed of materials that conduct heat and is heat insulating. The portion of the computer that is heat insulating is located closest to a wearer's body, the portion that is heat conducting is located farthest from the user's b ...

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This invention involves the use of a number of component-containing modules each assembled together to form a conventional computer except that the computer is body worn and has heat-controlling aspects. One of the heat-controlling aspects is at least one or preferably each side of the module has a ...

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This computer structure provides a body-worn computer that is easily converted into a conventional or laptop computer. Also, the housing for this computer is symetrical so that when turned upside down the cables and cable connections always face the back of the user. A stand is provided in the housi ...

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A compensation method and apparatus wherein an electrometer probe is positioned in proximity to an exposed area of a charged photoreceptor surface. The probe is positioned only in that position of the area which is always light struck. Measurement of the surface potential and comparison of the surfa ...

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To eliminate reflections and oscillations when a low impedance level circuit is to be connected to a high impedance level circuit on a printed circuit board, a microstrip/stripline impedance transformer is inserted in between. This transformer is passive and bi-directional, i.e., it can be step-up o ...