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A scheme for wireless local area networks provides multimedia extensions for high rate applications. Some of the main extensions provided are the following: The MAC header is extended to include the components for multimedia support. The network topology extensions include tighter definition of the ...

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In at least some embodiments, a system includes a plurality of circuit breakers and trip control logic external to and coupled to the circuit breakers. The trip control logic enables a plurality of different tripping options to be selected for each of the circuit breakers.

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A networking protocol includes definitions of quality of service enhancements to provide reliable multimedia data stream connections in wireless computer networks. These enhancements may be implemented as extensions to packet headers, such as a multimedia control field made up of various sub fields.

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An audio information processing subsystem 200 is disclosed which includes a stream processor 100 for simultaneously processing multiple streams of audio data. Processing subsystem 200 also includes a program memory 202 coupled to stream processor 100 for storing instructions for controlling processi ...

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Data is transmitted over a computer network from a source network component to one or more destination network components. Thereafter, one or more acknowledgements are transmitted from one of the destination network components to the source network component; and different data, which may include re ...

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System and method for dynamic delivery of services and applications from a server to mobile computing devices in a wireless proximity framework. This wireless proximity framework allows users of mobile computing devices to dynamically access services and applications available in a given geographic ...


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In accordance with the present invention, a downhole separation tool is provided which utilizes a downhole separation chamber with a series of fluid regulators responsive to a formation fluid and constituent components for separate desirable formation yields from the less desirable yields prior to l ...