Terry J Parks, David S Register: Inductive coupling system for power and data transfer. Dell USA, David McCombs, James Huffman, David Hitt, October 3, 1995: US05455466 (225 worldwide citation)

A system for inductively coupling power and data to a portable electronic device. A portable device, such as a personal digital assistant, is powered or recharged via an inductive link between the device and a support unit, thereby eliminating the need for cabling or other connections therebetween. ...

Eric Schieve, Richard Finch: Circuit and method for remote diagnosis of personal computers. Dell USA, David Hitt, James Huffman, October 3, 1995: US05455933 (157 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are a circuit and method for remote diagnosis of personal computers. The method comprises the steps of (1) confirming an existence and a proper operation of a modem coupled to the personal computer, the step of confirming performed in a central processing unit ("CPU") of the personal compu ...

John C Miles: Method and system for transferring compressed bytes of information between separate hard disk drive units. Dell U, James Huffman, Kevin Daffer, August 1, 1995: US05438671 (122 worldwide citation)

A two-computer system and method wherein data is transferred between the computers as complete disk images rather than as files. The transfer is made between the parallel ports of the two computers, for greater speed; amd RLL data compression is used to increase the effective rate of data transfer.

Terry J Parks: Liquid crystal display with integrated frame buffer. Dell USA, David McCombs, James Huffman, November 28, 1995: US05471225 (111 worldwide citation)

An improved liquid crystal display (LCD) is provided having a static random access memory located within each liquid crystal control cell and between each display electrode and corresponding bit and word lines. The memory cell, or storage cell, includes a pass-gate transistor which, upon activation ...

Gregory N Stewart, David Lunsford: Computer system for sensing a cable-connected peripheral and for supplying power thereto. Dell USA, Robert Groover, James Huffman, Gary R Stanford, April 18, 1995: US05408669 (110 worldwide citation)

A computer system including an input/output (I/O) connector for connecting to an external data peripheral, where the computer includes circuitry for detecting the presence or absence of a load on a first pin and for providing power to the external data peripheral through a second pin of the I/O conn ...

Gregory N Stewart, Anthony L Overfield: Portable computer with automatic adaption to different device types on a standard port. Dell USA, Robert Groover, Jeff Hood, James Huffman, July 9, 1996: US05535371 (103 worldwide citation)

A portable computer system wherein the printer port can be used, at the user's option, not only for connection to a printer, but also for connection to an external floppy disk drive. If the BIOS determines that there is an external floppy drive attached, the BIOS disables the normal operation of the ...

Gregory N Stewart: BIOS independent power management for portable computer. Dell USA, David McCombs, James Huffman, April 4, 1995: US05404546 (102 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for effecting BIOS independent power management of a personal computer system having a processor complex connected via a system bus to at least one I/O device capable of operating in a reduced power consumption state. A power control system comprising a dedicated power managemen ...

Craig Jones: Disk array apparatus and method which supports compound raid configurations and spareless hot sparing. Dellusa, Jeff Hood, James Huffman, December 26, 1995: US05479653 (100 worldwide citation)

A disk array architecture which supports compound RAID configurations and which can automatically switch between various RAID configurations in case of drive failures to prevent data loss and retain data redundancy. In the preferred embodiment, the disk array system of the present invention begins o ...

David S Register: Stylus operable computer with wireless keyboard in storage bay. Dell USA, Robert Groover, James Huffman, August 8, 1995: US05440502 (91 worldwide citation)

A pen-operable computer which also functions as a fully keyboard-operable computer. The keyboard contains an independent power supply, and is linked to the main chassis only by an infrared interface. The system chassis is very compact, but includes a full-width docking bay into which the keyboard ca ...

Terry J Parks: Incremental search content addressable memory for increased data compression efficiency. Dell USA, James Huffman, Jeff Hood, B Noel Kivlin, November 29, 1994: US05369605 (85 worldwide citation)

A content addressable memory (CAM) which is capable of performing string search functions in hardware. The implementation of string search in hardware eliminates the requirement of software to perform this function and thus significantly increases data compression performance. Each byte or memory st ...