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Novel hapten compositions consisting of 4-[4-[2-(aminopropyl)]phenyl]butanoic acid and its N-methyl derivative are useful in preparing immunogens which can be respectively employed in the elicitation of antibodies selective to amphetamine and methamphetamine. These antibodies can be used as reagents ...

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Hydrocarbon conversion catalysts which have become deactivated by the deposition of coke and metal contaminants such as nickel, iron, vanadium, etc., are regenerated under conditions which include temperatures in excess of 1300.degree. F. and the periodic use of an amount of oxygen which is in exces ...

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A medicinal dispensing system comprising a blister package containing up to 1,000 individual doses of a given medication and a sealable envelope, preferably transparent on one side, for the containment of quantities of medication dispensed as per description is disclosed.

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A tubular sample or reagent container for analytical devices, such as automated centrifugal analyzers, in which typically a multiplicity of such containers are arranged in a carrier plate or other means which forms part of the analyzers, with each container having a peripheral edge for bearing on th ...

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A method and system for a rapid and sensitive method for determining immunologically active materials in a biological fluid by observing an antigen-antibody reaction after application of reactants on the surface of a gel matrix and applying an alternating current thereto.

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The invention is directed to 3-oxo-D-homosteroids and derivatives thereof which are useful as antiantigens.

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The present disclosure is directed to 1-substituted or unsubstituted lower alkylene, 5-carboxy, alkanoyloxy or carbamoyloxy triazolopyridazine derivatives, salts of the acids and pharmaceutically-acceptable bases thereof. The triazolopyridazine derivatives provided by the present invention are usefu ...

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A cracking catalyst for promoting the oxidation of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide during regeneration of the catalyst by the burning of coke therefrom, comprises two distinct crystalline aluminosilicate zeolite particles embedded in an inorganic porous oxide matrix material. The first zeolite is ...

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A process for the stabilization of a fluidized bed against bubble formation which process comprises a vessel, a plurality of permanently magnetized particles dispersed throughout the bed, and means for fluidizing said particles. The particles are designated as permanently magnetized by virtue of the ...

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An electronic prepress process for the preparation of camera-ready mechanicals for color printing. The process facilitates the integration of both visual and textual and both black and white and color inputs from various sources into a final set of output files which can be read by Page Description ...