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A PDF file is received from an external application and key information from the PDF file, concerning a PDF document contained in the PDF file, is extracted. The extracted key information is compared with analogous reference information stored for previously received PDF documents to determine a sta ...

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A method of presenting digital content to a user on a display of a computing device displaying a continuous stream of digital content in a stream portion of the display, obtaining a current context of the user and the computing device, providing contextual sensitivities for the digital content items ...

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A method for automatically updating a GUI element at a client system according to an updated state of a configuration includes displaying the GUI element at the client system in connection with a configuration workflow, the GUI element being associated with a configuration choice involving a configu ...

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A hand-held, electronic, bi-directional, wireless electronic communication device having a physical configuration which includes a relatively large, constantly visible display and an alphanumeric keyboard that can be concealed until needed.

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A security system for a computer system provides one or more security domains. Access to assets registered to the security system is controlled by rights and privileges. Rights are derived from roles, and each user is assigned one or more roles. Privileges are attached to assets, and an appropriate ...

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A lawn or patio umbrella with an integral lighting system that utilizes cold cathode ray tubes, light emitting diodes (LED's), or florescent lights, to provide relatively bright outdoor light for reading and other activities that require relatively high light intensities is provided. In one emb ...

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An improved drill bit includes a bit body, a coupling member formed at an upper shank portion. It further includes at least one sensor for monitoring at least one condition of the bit during drilling operations. In one embodiment the at least one sensor is a capacitor disposed in a lubrication pathw ...

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An electronic commerce system for storing and classifying documents includes one or more document repositories that store documents. The system also includes a global content directory that includes a plurality of product and document classes organized in a hierarchy where each class categorizes a n ...