Jean Frederic Clerc, Jean Claude Deutsch, Pierre Vaudaine, Sylvie Vey: Liquid crystal cell using the electrically controlled birefringence effect and a uniaxial medium of negative optical anisotropy usable therein. Commissariat A l Energie Atomique, James E Nilles, Donald C McGaughey, December 26, 1989: US04889412 (225 worldwide citation)

Liquid crystal cell using the electrically controlled birefringence effect and processes for the production of the cell and a uniaxial medium or material of negative optical anistropy usable therein.

James B Black: Marine propulsion system. Twin Disc Incorporated, James E Nilles, July 17, 1984: US04459873 (181 worldwide citation)

A propulsion transmission for a ship having a reversibly driven propeller shaft with a fixed pitch propeller and a torque converter of the single stage and fixed housing type for driving the propeller in the reverse direction. A planetary gear system is provided for driving the ship in a forward dir ...


Tatsuo Fujitsuka, Hiroshi Kawasaki: Apparatus for anastomosing digestive tract. James E Nilles, Donald C McGaughey, February 13, 1990: US04899744 (135 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for anastomosing a digestive tract including a plurality of substantially U-shaped retainers that are disposed around an annular groove in the outer periphery of a support tube formed of a soluble material. The annular groove has inner side and bottom surfaces and the retainers are disp ...

Paul Belokin: Magnetically mounted shelf divider. James E Nilles, December 18, 1984: US04488653 (131 worldwide citation)

The partitioning shelf divider of this invention, for perforated and imperforate metal shelving, comprises an inverted T-shaped divider member and a retainer member extruded from elastomeric material impregnated with a magnetized medium. The retainer member has an upwardly opening groove in its top, ...

Takashi Ohata: Storage device for processed foods. James E Nilles, January 24, 1984: US04426923 (109 worldwide citation)

A storage device for processed foods comprising a sealed storage chamber, an air passage provided in the storage chamber so as to extend along an inner surface thereof and having a suction port and a discharge port at upper and lower sections thereof, respectively, to permit the air to be circulated ...

Pierre Tellier, Jean Pierre Demaille, Jean Doillon: Computer terminal station for data input and output. Compagnie du Roneo, James E Nilles, December 28, 1982: US04365561 (103 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a computer terminal station constituted by an input device and by an output device, both devices being separate one from the other.

Ronald T Uecker, Steven D Slicker: Adjustable office chair. MILSCO Manufacturing Company, James E Nilles, December 1, 1987: US04709963 (96 worldwide citation)

An adjustable office chair (10) comprises a base assembly (12), a seat assembly (14) and a backrest assembly (16). The seat assembly (14) is horizontally rotatable on the base assembly (12) and is raised and lowered thereon by a manually controlled pneumatic actuator (24) connected between the base ...

Hiroshi Abe: Card dispensing apparatus for card vending machine. Asahi Seiko Kabushiki Kaisha, James E Nilles, February 19, 1991: US04993587 (88 worldwide citation)

A card dispensing apparatus is disclosed of a type comprising a draw roller for drawing a card to be dispensed from a bottom of a stack of cards and a delivery roller for delivering the drawn card toward an outlet of the apparatus. The card dispensing apparatus further comprises an antidoubling roll ...

Andi Steiner: Packaging for a product as well as use of the same. James E Nilles, August 26, 1986: US04607747 (86 worldwide citation)

A carton for gift merchandise is formed from a single blank that is cut and folded to be set up into a carton having a double-thickness wall between layers of which a battery powered signal generator is concealed and protected. Another wall of the carton, having an integral hinged connection to one ...