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An improved surgical stapler having first and second pivotally interconnected structural members each including a handle portion and a jaw portion. The structural members are pivotally movable between a closed position wherein their jaw portions are in a closely spaced relationship to an open positi ...

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A surgical stapler for use by a surgeon to place one or more rows of surgical staples in organs or tissue. The stapler is of a character having a supporting frame, a replaceable staple cartridge, an anvil, a mechanism for approximating the cartridge relative to the anvil, and a mechanism for firing ...

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A two-component fluid dispenser which can accurately mix two liquids of varying viscosity and then precisely deliver the mixture formed in discrete amounts. The mixture of the two components is delivered from a single delivery tube in a manner such that none of the mixture remains within the deliver ...

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A subcutaneous access site to aid in the delivery of chemotherapeutic or analgesic drugs to the blood stream or to any body cavity. The device embodies a specially supported septum which exhibits exceptional resealing characteristics. In this regard, the device includes a rigid inner ring adapted to ...

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A method and apparatus for measuring the physical characteristics of livestock animals such as cattle and hogs. The apparatus of the invention includes a plurality of strategically positioned cameras that are used to obtain data concerning volumetric, curvilinear (surface) and linear measurements of ...

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An apparatus for use in conjunction with a multi-dose inhaler which includes a novel valving mechanism and an expansion chamber which permits medication to be delivered to the patient without the need for precise timing of canister actuation. The apparatus also includes a filter unit for filtering t ...

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An enclosure for use with an injection site in which the penetrating member, such as a needle, is at all times maintained within a protective shroud that protects the user from accidental needle sticks and contamination during use.

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A power transmission-energy absorption device and carbon composite friction facing material for use therein having superior friction characteristics. Through appropriate selection of the starting carbon substrate material and through precise control over the amount and character of pyrolytic carbon, ...

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A method and apparatus for measuring target animals, including livestock animals and full carcasses, and more specifically livestock animals such as cattle and hogs using a single camera system. More particularly, the method of the invention is directed toward obtaining key measurements of the targe ...

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A subcutaneous infusion set for the subdermal infusion of fluids which includes a housing having an internal chamber within which a uniquely configured infusion cannula is dynamically mounted. The cannula, which is generally spiral shaped, has a body portion that is disposed within the internal cham ...