Ralph D Lewis: Demand valve for a respirator. Pro Tech Respirators, James D Hall, August 27, 1991: US05042473 (139 worldwide citation)

A demand valve for a respirator. A fixed tube directs pressurized air flow from the source into an opening for a mask. The venturi effect caused by directed air flow through the housing acts to draw the diaphragm toward the respirator face mask. A portion of the air directed by the tube escapes and ...

William V Persic Jr: Golf ball cleaner. James D Hall, August 23, 1994: US05339486 (84 worldwide citation)

A golf ball cleaner with a housing having the outward appearance of an ordinary golf ball, the housing separable into two hollow, semi-spherical sections for placement of a golf ball therein for cleaning. Each hollow section includes a pad made of a sponge-like material releasably attached to the in ...

Clarence T Yoder: Retractable vehicle step. Carriage, James D Hall, July 20, 1993: US05228707 (80 worldwide citation)

A step ladder assembly that moves back and forth from a storage area beneath the vehicle to an operation position in front of the vehicle entry way. The step ladder usually includes a pivotal stair case part and slide part fitted between rails carries by the vehicle undercarriage.

Michael R Kinzie: Edge lighted article holder. Plast Ad, James D Hall, May 1, 1984: US04446508 (72 worldwide citation)

An edge lighted article holder including a body having an upper wall and a lower wall connected by a web. Openings are formed in the upper wall which conform to the outer shape of the article so that articles may be placed within the openings and supported by the lower wall. The upper and lower wall ...

William E Pick, Kerby F Fannin: Germicidal air filter. William E Pick, James D Hall, July 19, 1994: US05330722 (64 worldwide citation)

A germicidal air purifier for trapping and destroying airborne microorganisms is disclosed. The air purifier includes an ultraviolet radiation source and a juxtaposed filter medium. A one of the ultraviolet radiation source and the filter medium is fixed and the other is displaceable so that at leas ...

Anthony G Dunn: Projectile proof vest. Jack P Cittadine, James D Hall, November 20, 1984: US04483020 (59 worldwide citation)

A vest having projectile-stopping capabilities, including a network of inner shock-resistant plates lying under a layer of ballistic material to minimize the force imparted by a slowing projectile upon a wearer of the vest.

Clarence T Yoder: Travel trailer frame support. James D Hall, February 19, 1985: US04500132 (59 worldwide citation)

In a travel trailer having a floor, side and end walls, and a roof where the floor is supported by frame members. The trailer is provided with a frame support taking the form of a strap which is connected at one end to a rear end portion of the floor or frame members and which passes upwardly and fo ...

Leonard D Isban, Michael A Isban: Hollow door construction using an improved void filler. American Containers, James D Hall, December 1, 1992: US05167105 (57 worldwide citation)

An improved hollow paneled door construction using an improved void filler that is expandable and which has components of a specific thickness except for relieved sections of reduced thickness to overlie the panels between the doorskins.

Raymond Dallaire, Dominique Dallaire: Construction kit for horizontally and vertically sliding window assemblies. Dallaire, James D Hall, January 4, 1994: US05274955 (54 worldwide citation)

A construction kit for horizontally and vertically sliding window assemblies in which each window includes a sash. A meeting rail is connected to each sash and includes a slot at each of the inner and outer surfaces of the meeting rail. Weather stripping is fitted into the slot at outer surface of t ...

David A Hill, Louis R Csokasy, Peter J Kubizne: Flush mounted vehicle glazing. Excel, James D Hall, October 13, 1992: US05154028 (53 worldwide citation)

Glazing panels which are mounted in the vehicle flush with the exterior skin. The glazing may be stationary or movable by manual or power operated assists and includes a mounting molding having a peripheral lip which extends to the vehicle skin.