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A homodyne down-converter, for use in an IF signal demodulator and the like, includes an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) which receives the IF analog signal for conversion to a digital data stream by sampling at a sampling rate frequency substantially equal to four times the IF signal frequency. A ...

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A method for producing a hole in a polymer film includes the steps of depositing a conductive layer onto the polymer film and irradiating a spot on the layer with a burst of focused laser energy at a level sufficient to form an opening in the film and, subsequently, plasma etching the film so as to ...

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UV curable coating compositions are provided based on the use of photoinitiator with the hydrolysis product of silylacrylate and aqueous colloidal silica. The UV curable silicone coating compositions also can contain polyfunctional acrylate. The UV curable hardcoat composition can be applied onto va ...

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A method for operating a communication network bridge is disclosed. The bridge receives a message frame from a first network connected thereto and reads the source and destination addresses of the received frame. The bridge determines if the addresses are contained in a source address table maintain ...

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An apparatus and method for determining connected substructures within a body is disclosed. The system and method are particularly advantageous for use in medical diagnostic imaging applications. In particular, three dimensional regions exhibiting the same tissue type are similarly labeled. Using th ...

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A circuit for protecting a protected circuit against radiation has a PIN diode series coupled to a laser, which is optically coupled to a photodiode. The photodiode is coupled to the protected circuit. When radiation occurs, the resistance of the PIN diode increases, which causes the laser to cease ...

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Improved trench gate field effect devices are provided by forming a thick oxide at the bottom of the trench. This thick oxide may be preferably formed by ion implantation into the bottom of the trench.

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A video processing system in which each field of image data is divided into rows and columns of blocks of picture elements. The number of blocks utilized is large enough so that when each block is considered to be a picture element, the blocks provide a reasonable raster for the peripheral vision as ...

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A method for transmission of information, received at a transmitter of a power distribution system, over at least one conductor of that distribution system, requires the reception, at the transmitter, also of at least one PLC signal at a power-line communications (PLC) frequency and from an associat ...

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An adaptive method and system are disclosed for providing high density interconnections of very large scale integrated circuits on a substrate. The procedure is performed in four basic steps: first an artwork representation for the interconnections of the integrated circuits is generated. This artwo ...