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A heating probe and collection assembly is provided for evaluating free hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon potential of whole core. In one embodiment, the one or more assemblies are used with a core transport system to provide measures of hydrocarbon potential as a function of depth.

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A method and liner assembly for drilling into unstable or depleted formations is provided that maintains control of the wellbore against caving such as where unconsolidated formations are penetrated and/or minimizes fluid losses such as to underpressured formations where differential pressures exist ...

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A rotary drill bit for drilling a curved subterranean borehole. In one embodiment, the drill bit comprises a side portion, a plurality of cutting elements that produce a lateral force on the drill bit in response to the rotation of the drill bit in the borehole, and bearing means. The bearing means ...

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A solar panel for use in a roof mounted array of solar panels, each panel having ridges protruding outwardly and adjacent to the side edges for receiving a standing seam cap between side-adjacent panels. Each solar panel is formed as an integral structure having a photovoltaic module an edge of whic ...

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Earth formation evaluation for detection of hydrocarbon fluids is carried out by a microwave frequency range sensor (antenna or wave guide) disposed in the face of a diamond or PDC drill bit configured to minimize invasion of drilling fluid into the formation ahead of the bit. The sensor is connecte ...

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Apparatus for measuring inertial specific force and angular rate of moving body by means of a plurality of accelerometers mounted on mutually perpendicular axes, each accelerometer being mounted for vibratory movement along its respective axis. The apparatus further includes a drive for vibrating ea ...

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A method, a map and an article of manufacture for the exploration of hydrocarbons. In one embodiment of the invention, the method comprises the steps of: accessing 3D seismic data; dividing the data into an array of relatively small three-dimensional cells; determining in each cell the semblance/sim ...

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A fault-tolerant method and system for processing global transactions in a distributed database system. If a fault occurs in the distributed database system, a transaction management system will suspend the processing of a transaction and renew it when the fault is remedied. The transaction manageme ...

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The instant invention pertains generally to a method of seismic processing of multi-component converted wave 2-D and 3-D seismic data, wherein the seismic traces in each CCP gather may have been acquired at a variety of different source-receiver azimuths. According to one aspect of the instant inven ...