Corroll J Motes Conners, Lawrence E Satterwhite: Subsea machine tool. HydroTech International, James A Bargfrede, May 30, 1978: US04091514 (32 worldwide citation)

A subsea machine tool for preparing the end of a bare piece of pipe in a subsea location for receiving an overfitting coupling and includes a support assembly adapted for raising and lowering in a body of water. A pipe clamp is attached to each end of the support assembly for clamping the pipe. A sp ...

Donald G Winn, Daniel M Josephson: Impact and speed measuring system. James A Bargfrede, July 17, 1990: US04941660 (29 worldwide citation)

A high-speed, portable computer interfaced, fluid-filled, foam-padded, heavy bag with local electronic force indicator is provided along with a mechanically-driven paper chart recorder with digital output, split screen video data recording system, and printer for automatic data analysis used to meas ...

Guy T Gilmore: Universal tool. James A Bargfrede, September 24, 1991: US05050291 (26 worldwide citation)

A machine tool is provided having a wide range of applications and uses in metal or other material fabrication. Such machine tool may be utilized on reactor flanges, pipes, and other equipment. The machine tool is pneumatically actuated and may include a vertical spindle on which may be attached a g ...

Larry E Shields: Tilt switch replacing mercury switches. James A Bargfrede, April 11, 1989: US04820888 (23 worldwide citation)

A tilt switch encapsulated by epoxy resin in a polyvinyl chloride housing for high strength is provided. Actuation of the tilt switch is effected when moved through an arc of 45.degree. or less.

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A method and apparatus for attaching by remote control a riser pipe to an offshore structure. The method includes installing one or more remotely operable pre-aligned jawed clamps upon the structure, suspending the riser pipe vertically over the side of the structure, guiding the pipe to a position ...

Harold C Moke: Cogeneration and sludge drying system. James A Bargfrede, February 25, 1986: US04571949 (18 worldwide citation)

A cogeneration and sludge drying system is provided using air first to generate power in a gas turbine, second in drying the sludge, and third in a boiler to make steam. Heat is recovered from the water vapor evaporated from the sludge and from hot air. The system utilizes conventional equipment and ...

Gary A Fellers: Apparatus and method for connecting pipes by welding. HydroTech International, James A Bargfrede, May 16, 1978: US04089455 (17 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method for connecting by welding two axially spaced apart pipes which may be misaligned relative to each other, including butt welding between the pipe ends a pair of coupling members, each coupling member having a tubular portion and an end portion having a face which lies on a plane ...

Guy T Gilmore: Milling machine improvement. James A Bargfrede, July 16, 1991: US05032051 (15 worldwide citation)

A portable milling machine is provided for solving in-place machining problems encountered on turbines, pumps, electric motor bases, and other types of field equipment requiring a close tolerance, machined surface prior to installation. Such portable milling machine is set up at a job-site using a p ...

Richard J Steele, Maribel Steele: Head protector. James A Bargfrede, May 24, 1988: US04745637 (15 worldwide citation)

In a head protector for children and invalids, a series of concentric rings of tubular fabric packed with yieldable material and a top member of yieldable material, and straps binding said rings and top together, a ring of spaced cushions, or pillows, between the lowermost ring and the adjacent ring ...

Stephen L Jenkins, Stephen L Jenkins Jr: Snow remover. James A Bargfrede, October 15, 1991: US05056245 (13 worldwide citation)

An article of manufacture is provided for use primarily in removal of snow from driveways, sidewalks, decks and other locations where snow accumulates and needs to be removed. Such article of manufacture also may be used as a dolly, sled, or a trailer-like device for pulling by a vehicle or snowmobi ...