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Methods and systems for creating a numerical pseudocore model, comprising: a) obtaining logging data from a reservoir having depth-defined intervals of the reservoir, and processing the logging data into interpretable borehole image data having unidentified borehole image data; b) examining one of t ...

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Electrical energy is produced at a remote site by converting kinetic energy from fluid flow to electrical energy using a downhole harvesting apparatus. The downhole harvesting apparatus includes a vibrating sleeve member that vibrates in response to fluid flow through a tubular housing structure. Th ...

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Methods and related systems are described for use for making subterranean nuclear measurements. The system can include a plurality of elongated scintillator members each generating optical signals in response to ionizing radiation. Optical detector units can be optically coupled to at least one end ...

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Described herein are variable-volume reservoir (e.g., syringe pump) based processes and systems usable to characterize samples of reservoir fluids, without having to first transport the fluids to the surface. Variable-volume reservoirs are used, for example, for one or more of storing reactants, con ...

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Slowness dispersion characteristics of multiple possibly interfering signals in broadband acoustic waves as received by an array of two or more sensors are extracted without using a physical model. The problem of dispersion extraction is mapped to the problem of reconstructing signals having a spars ...

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Methods and devices for mixing a first fluid with a second fluid downhole include a chamber having a first end, a second end and an opening for fluid to flow there through. A top surface of a perforated piston is capable of contacting the second end and a top surface of a piston is capable of contac ...

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An apparatus and method for preventing the migration of unconsolidated and/or loosely consolidated material into the wellbore. Such prevention is accomplished by introducing a well treatment comprising an expandable deployable structure into an uncosolidated zone proximate the wellbore. These deploy ...

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A method of performing a Vibroseis survey is described including the step of obtaining signals generated by activating vibratory sources at times T0 and T1, respectively, for a sweep period S and a listening time L such that T1

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An apparatus and method of conveying magnetic particles into a wellbore is disclosed. A plurality of particles which are magnetically attracted to one another in response to exposure to a magnetic field are delivered downhole via a degradable material. The degradable material confines the particles ...

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A method that involves developing an electromagnetic property model of a near surface area and using this electromagnetic property model and electromagnetic data acquired using one or more electromagnetic transmitters located above the near surface area and one or more electromagnetic receivers loca ...