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Protective barriers for small devices, such as sensors, actuators, flow control devices, among others, protect the devices from erosive and/or corrosive fluids, for example, formation fluids under harsh downhole conditions. The protective barriers include protective coatings and fluid diverting stru ...

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A cable which includes conductor bundles prepared from at least one optical fiber positioned either centrally or helically about the center axis of the bundle, metallic conductors helically positioned around the bundles center axis, and a polymeric insulation material. A method of making a cable inc ...

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An integral bodied composite packer is constructed entirely of a composite material. It can include an expandable middle portion with an elastomeric cover to engage an exterior surface of a well bore. The expandable portion can include continuous strands of polymeric fibers to reinforce the body and ...


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Systems and methods for optically determining casing collar and/or corrosion locations within boreholes, using the diffraction effect of Faraday crystals through which depolarized continuous light is transmitted within optical fibers.

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Slickline cables and methods for preparing such cables are disclosed. A slickline cable includes a pre-manufactured polymer composite rod having a channel therein; an optical fiber disposed in the channel; a fastener securing the optical fiber in the channel, wherein the fastener is selected from th ...

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A fluid analysis system for use downhole comprises an input light signal that is directed through a fluid sample housed in a sample cell. The input light signal may originate from a plurality of light sources. An output light signal from the sample cell is then routed to one or more spectrometers fo ...

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Electrical cables formed from at least one insulated conductor, a layer of inner armor wires disposed adjacent the insulated conductor, and a layer of shaped strength members disposed adjacent the outer periphery of the first layer of armor wires. A polymeric material is disposed in interstitial spa ...

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High strength cables formed from strength members. The strength members are formed from bimetallic filament wires which may be encased within a jacket of polymeric material. The bimetallic filament wires wherein the filaments include a high strength core and a corrosion resistant alloy clad forming ...