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A die 810 has an outer, annular via 814 filled with conductive material in order to electrically shield an inner via 816. A die 820 can be electrically shielded from another area 822 by use of a wall 823 having a trench with oxidized side walls and a conductive filling.

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In a method for forming a three dimensional interconnected structure, sets of devices on receiver and donor semiconductor substrates. The donor substrate is implanted with two or more exfoliating implants, the substrates are bonded together to form a bonded structure that is heated until a portion o ...

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A wafer level hermetically packaged integrated circuit has a protective cover wafer bonded to a semiconductor device substrate wafer. The substrate wafer may contain a cavity. The cover wafer seals integrated circuits and other devices including but not limited to air bridge structures, resonant bea ...

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A high density MOS-gated device comprises a semiconductor substrate and a doped upper layer of a first conduction type disposed on the substrate. The upper layer comprises a heavily doped source region of the first conduction type and a doped well region of a second and opposite conduction type at a ...

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A monolithic integrated circuit is mounted in a speaker cabinet to drive the voice coil of the speaker. The monolithic integrated circuit may be a class D amplifier and is at least a half bridge or full bridge power MOSFET device. Structures comprise MOS switching devices of the bridge driver and N+ ...

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A trench MOS-gated device comprises a doped monocrystalline semiconductor substrate that includes an upper layer and is of a first conduction type. An extended trench in the upper layer of the substrate has a bottom portion filled with a dielectric material that forms a thick layer in the bottom of ...

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The present invention is directed to an improved trench MOS gate device that comprises a trench whose floor and sidewalls include layers of dielectric material, the layers each having a controlled thickness dimension. These thickness dimensions are related by a controlled floor to sidewall layer thi ...

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This disclosure describes variety of MOS gated devices constructed with alternating conductivity type lower zones. These zones are used for depleting charge when blocking voltage is applied. When alternating zones are incorporated in the devices they allow use of a much higher conductivity material ...

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A home videoconferencing system 100 uses a standard television receiver 16 and a camcorder 14. The video controller 112 converts an outgoing analog video signal into a compressed digital video signal; an audio controller 116 converts an outgoing analog audio signal into a compressed digital audio si ...

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A bonded wafer has a first handle wafer 12, a device layer 10', an interconnect layer 14, and a number of vias filled with conductive material that extends between the surfaces 6, 8 of the device layer 10'. the interconnect layer 14 has conductors that connect internal device contacts to the conduct ...