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A biosensor comprises a space part for sucking and housing a sample formed of two upper and lower plates, the two plates being stuck together by an adhesive layer, the space part for sucking and housing the sample being constituted so as to be partially opened in the peripheral part and partially cl ...

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Implantable biomedical sensor device for measuring in vivo the presence and/or concentration of physiological substances, such as the concentration of glucose, in a human or animal body. A miniaturized electronic responder (1) arranged in a closed housing (2) of biocompatible material in an electrom ...

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An electrically addressable passive device for registration, storage and/or processing of data comprises a functional medium (1) in the form of a continuous or patterned structure (S) which may undergo a physical or chemical change of state. The functional medium (1) comprises individually addressab ...

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An authorization card, such as a credit card, has a security feature. The authorization card generally has two operational states, a disabled state and an enable state. In the disabled state, which is the default mode of operation, access to confidential information stored on the card is denied. The ...

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Utilization of a contact device placed on the front part of the eye in order to detect physical and chemical parameters of the body as well as the non-invasive delivery of compounds according to these physical and chemical parameters, with signals preferably being transmitted continuously as electro ...

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A sensor format is based on impedance analysis of polymer coatings of electrodes. A detectable signal is produced by the effect of a reactive or catalytic species at or very near the polymer coated electrode. The reactive or catalytic species directly or indirectly effects a reaction with the polyme ...

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A system for determining a biologic constituent including hematocrit transcutaneously, noninvasively and continuously. A finger clip assembly includes including at least a pair of emitters and a photodiode in appropriate alignment to enable operation in either a transmissive mode or a reflectance mo ...

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The present invention provides for the preparation and use of ribo- and deoxyribo-nucleosides and polynucleotide analogs. The polynucleotide analogs are made of polynucleosides which contain sulfonate and sulfonamide linkages.

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An information system in a motor vehicle which includes electronic circuits connectable to the vehicle computer of the motor vehicle as well as one or more sensors, a display device and possibly operational elements. In order that the display device be clearly laid out for the driver, it is designed ...

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A tonometer system for measuring intraocular pressure by accurately providing a predetermined amount of applanation to the cornea and detecting the amount of force required to achieve the predetermined amount of applanation. The system is also capable of measuring intraocular pressure by indenting t ...