Jimmy Phong Xuan Nguyen: Combination finger and wrist splint. Jacobson and Johnson, October 26, 2004: US06808502 (104 worldwide citation)

There is a mulifunctional finger, hand and wrist splint which includes a slab support member. In a position of use the slab support member extends along the underside of, and substantially follows the contours of, a wearer's lower forearm wrist and palm so that the wrist is immobilized. The sla ...

Indu Kapadia, Kemal Schankereli: Prosthetic ligament. Jacobson and Johnson, November 28, 1989: US04883486 (83 worldwide citation)

A prosthetic ligament has an outer sheath of permeable PTFE yarn surrounding a core of synthetic filaments with stitching through the sheath and core holding the two firmly together to act as a single integral unit when placed in situ.

Thien S Yang, Gin P So: Lightweight plug-in fluorescent lamp assembly. Jacobson and Johnson, October 12, 1993: US05253152 (78 worldwide citation)

A plug-in fluorescent lamp assembly including a lightweight (e.g. plastic) light box that is adapted to either rest upon the existing support grid of a conventional false ceiling in a flush mounted arrangement or be attached directly to the ceiling in a surface mounted arrangement. The lamp assembly ...

Arthur A Anderson: Nozzle selector valve. Specialty Manufacturing Company, Jacobson and Johnson, September 28, 1976: US03982698 (77 worldwide citation)

A multi nozzle high pressure fluid sprayer which can be safely indexed to a selected nozzle while the sprayer is under high fluid pressure. The sprayer contains separate seals at the inlet of each nozzle to permit a safe and effective indexing to either of the nozzles while the fluid is under high p ...

Donald David Fearing: Marking tag. Jacobson and Johnson, January 27, 1976: US03934368 (76 worldwide citation)

A ear tag for identifying animals is provided with a flat body portion including the identifying indicia. The body is connected by a neck portion, which is usually in right angular relation to the body portion, to an anchoring head. This anchoring head extends upwardly and downwardly therefrom. The ...

Lawrence W Davies, Jeff Martin, Joseph E Sumerak, Kenneth Church: Pultruded fibreglass spacer for sealed window units. Jacobson and Johnson, January 14, 1986: US04564540 (67 worldwide citation)

A spacer strip for use in a sealed window unit is manufactured from a pultruded fibreglass reinforced body providing a substantially closed hollow body with a slot along one side. The strip is manufactured by pultrusion using a die which is slightly more open than the finished product including a ma ...

James D Denney: Pill box holder. Jacobson and Johnson, June 7, 1988: US04749085 (62 worldwide citation)

A rectangular, open-top shallow tray with enclosing side walls has markings designating each day of the week equally spaced across the top and a set of individual compartments or pill boxes for each day of the week resting in the tray in line with each of the designated days of the week and friction ...

Paul Bieganski, Timothy E Schweikert: Disposable tubular pneumotachometer. Advanced Medical Systems, Jacobson and Johnson, March 6, 1990: US04905709 (61 worldwide citation)

A disposable tubular pneumotachometer in which the air-resistive material covering over the air outlet is a fabric with multiple sub-miniature tubular apertures to provide capillary air flow and, in the preferred form, has a uniformly diverging air outlet formed by air outlet openings through the wa ...

Charles J Michel Jr: Adjustable rack for laundry tub or the like. Jacobson and Johnson, January 29, 2002: US06341704 (58 worldwide citation)

A stiff wire rack for hanging in a laundry tub or sink is adjustable to accommodate tubs or sinks of various sizes.

Lloyd H King Sr: Inline dispersal valve. Jacobson and Johnson, May 5, 1987: US04662387 (48 worldwide citation)

An inline dispersal valve is constructed with a chamber into which a material to be dispersed into a fluid stream may be inserted. A first fluid deflector is used to direct fluid away from the fluid stream into the chamber to permit the fluid to absorb the dispersant, and a second fluid deflector, o ...