Lampman Russell A, Knepshield William R: Laparoscopy system. KLI, Jacobs Arthur A, September 10, 1974: US3834392 (107 worldwide citation)

A laparoscopy system for female sterilization whereby a single unit contains the power source to provide illumination, oscillatory electrical power and CO.sub.2 for a laparoscopy. CO.sub.2 gas, under pressure, is first passed into the body through a needle into the peritoneal cavity. The fallopian t ...

Blouch Roger D: Ringer blocking attachment for telephones. International Mobile Machines Corporation, Jacobs Arthur A, August 13, 1974: US3829616 (19 worldwide citation)

A system for selectively ringing or actuating a telephone bell or any other desirable signal, or for alternatively actuating any functional device such as an alarm system, a timer, a radio, a coffee pot, etc., whereby when a telephone number is called, an auxiliary system automatically cuts in to pr ...

Welch Richard M: Process for removing pollutants from liquids. Liquid Waste Conversion Corporation, Jacobs Arthur A, October 1, 1974: US3839206 (14 worldwide citation)

The treatment of waste water by the application of polyelectrolytes to the waste water to remove dispersed and dissolved waste particles and then subjecting the resultant treated or clarified solution to reverse osmosis to further remove dissolved particles therefrom.

Akrongold Harold S, Akrongold Rochelle: Cosmetic skin powder containing urea. Jacobs Arthur A, November 5, 1974: US3846550 (14 worldwide citation)

A cosmetic and skin care powder consisting essentially of urea, an oil phase and an inorganic pigment, all of which are reacted to form the final product. The reactants comprise about 0.1-74.9 percent urea, about 0.1-60 percent oil phase and about 0.1-99.5 percent inorganic pigment.

Blouch Roger D: Duplexer type radio-telephone data receiver and transmission system. International Mobile Machines Corporation, Jacobs Arthur A, October 8, 1974: US3840811 (13 worldwide citation)

A radio-telephone system embodying a duplexer network whereby a request for computerized data may be transmitted to a base station and the data received from the base station through a single antenna. The system includes a scanner to scan incoming signals in conjunction with a decoder. The decoder r ...

Posen Aaron L: Orthodontic measuring method and apparatus. Jacobs Arthur A, August 26, 1975: US3900953 (5 worldwide citation)

A method of measuring the position of the teeth prior to orthodontic treatment, whereby a mouthpiece which is connected to a gauge through a series of universal and rotational joints, is inserted into the patient's mouth and grasped by the lips, the lips then exerting a pulling force on the gauge to ...

Borochaner Stuart: Water supply system for dental instruments. National Waterpure Corporation, Jacobs Arthur A, October 1, 1974: US3838516 (4 worldwide citation)

A water supply system for dental instruments wherein an ion exchange unit is provided between the water supply and the instruments for the purpose of either softening or demineralizing the water, or both. Means are provided for reactivating the ion exchange bed either by passing a regeneration mater ...