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Method and apparatus for rotary motion converting power transmission assembly with counter-rotating outputs on the same axis as the rotary input.

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An ├ętendue efficient angle conversion system that operates in a quasi-imaging mode. This system is capable of generating angular and spatial axial asymmetric output beams and is also capable of incorporating therein optional color reformatting capabilities. With the aid of anamorphic beam transforme ...

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In order to conduct an electronic reverse auction, a computer system has a post means for posting product description information across a network, a bidding means for submitting a plurality of bids, proposals, and means for transmitting other information about goods and bidders. A means for evaluat ...

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A joint histogram is used for content-based data object comparison. For a data object which can be described by a plurality of features and values, a set of features describing the data object is selected. A joint histogram is a k-dimensional vector, such that each entry in the joint histogram conta ...

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A combined RF/IR system in which a common surface is used in the dual modes of radiating and absorbing RF energy and of reflecting and focusing IR energy. The common surface is structured, configured, and used as the slotted array antenna for the RF energy and as the primary mirror of a Cassegrain o ...

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A probe station having a cryogenic container preferably situated in a vacuum chamber. Semiconductor devices to be tested are attached to the container of cryogenic liquid. Electrical contact to the devices is made using contact wires which are moved by manipulators lying outside the vacuum chamber. ...

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A color correlogram is a three-dimensional table indexed by color and distance between pixels which expresses how the spatial correlation of color changes with distance in a stored image. The color correlogram may be used to distinguish an image from other images in a database. To create a color cor ...

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A web-based implemented system in which observers may pinpoint locations on a scalable map in order to fix data by latitude and longitude and to collect data describing that location. Also permitted within the system is the selection of non-contiguous groups of geographic data points for analysis. A ...

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The present invention provides a free space optical switching and routing system utilizing a switchable grating based approach together with novel noise suppression techniques. This family of devices provides for an optical switching and routing system that is useful for interconnecting any of an in ...

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The inventive apparatus is comprised of a means for producing cavitation in a complex reaction mixture to enhance the yield of the selected reaction product, a means for controlling the temperature of the complex reaction mixture, especially during cavitation, and a means for affecting magnetic sepa ...