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A method and apparatus for stabilizing adjacent vertebrae. Upper and lower interlocking brackets are insertable in a prepared intervertebral space between adjacent vertebrae. The brackets are affixed to the vertebrae at attachment plates. A rib on one side of one bracket interlocks with a rib receiv ...

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A suture anchor and kit for anchoring a suture member to human bone. A suture anchor includes a threaded portion and has a head at the proximal end thereof, the head being generally circular. A tip is located at a distal end of the shank. The shank is at least partially threaded and includes walls d ...

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System for the subcutaneous delivery into the body of a patient of a fluid from a remote vessel. The system includes a main assembly and placement member with a needle. A delivery tube for carrying the fluid is attached at a near end to the remote reservoir or vessel. At removed end, the delivery tu ...

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The present invention provides methods and systems for net shaped manufacturing using carbon nanotubes. Generally, an automatic control unit is used to place reaction units in the proper location to produce a component part of carbon nanotubes in a predetermined configuration. The reaction units inc ...

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Method for managing connections on a connection-oriented network such as an ATM network, for use with devices communicating according to a connectionless communication protocol such as IP over Ethernet. Roughly described, a bridging network element (BNE) resides at the ATM point-of-presence through ...

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A trocar is disclosed which includes a housing assembly and a cannula assembly attached to the housing assembly to define an axial bore therethrough. The trocar further includes an obturator assembly which slidably engages the axial bore defined by the cannula assembly. The obturator assembly includ ...

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In a disclosed method for interpreting automatic speech recognition (ASR) performance data, a data processing system may receive user input that selects a log file to be processed. The log file may contain log records produced by an ASR system as a result of verbal interaction between an individual ...

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The present invention provides a system, apparatus and method of programming via electromigration. A semiconductor fuse which includes a cathode and an anode coupled by a fuse link having an electrically conductive component, such as silicide, is coupled to a power supply. A potential is applied acr ...

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An optical network termination (ONT) apparatus can determine its own geographic location information automatically, thereby permitting the ONT to report its geographic location to a management entity in a passive optical network (PON) automatically, without manual intervention.

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A digital electronic communication system for use in a mobile unit such as a law enforcement vehicle provides a comprehensive, modular communications system supported by an on board CPU. The system provides audio, video, graphic, text and positioning communication capability and incorporates scanner ...