Tronzo Raymond G: Bone implant with porous exterior surface. Jackson Jackson & Chovanes, May 7, 1974: US3808606 (221 worldwide citation)

A bone implant for vertebrates, including humans and animals in veterinary surgery such as hip prosthesis or a bone implant into the jaw in dental surgery, having a solid surface adapted to be in contact with the growing bone, said surfaces having at the outside at least a depth of 100 microns and p ...

Tronzo Raymond G: Acetabular cup prosthesis. Jackson Jackson & Chovanes, October 15, 1974: US3840904 (204 worldwide citation)

An acetabular cup prosthesis which has facilities for ready removal. In one form it has grooves to guide a surgical saw on the inside, preferably to cut the prosthesis in quadrants for removal, and also having threaded sockets to insert a tool to remove the quadrants. Additionally or alternatively, ...

Tronzo Raymond G: Prosthesis for femoral shaft. Jackson Jackson & Chovanes, October 29, 1974: US3843975 (139 worldwide citation)

A prosthesis for femoral shaft having a ball at one end, a medullary stem at the other end, a neck connecting the ball to the stem, a head at the connection between the stem and the neck and including means for fastening the prosthesis to the femur and outrigger knives on the head on either side of ...

John F Jenkins: Heater for sports benches. Jackson Jackson & Chovanes, April 6, 1976: US03948246 (53 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns heaters, particularly for sports benches and more especially for the benches on which substitute players of the team sit during games. In the preferred form, a self-contained heater such as a combustion operated construction heater with blower produces the heat behind the benc ...

Lawrence A Loeb, Michael A Sirover: System for in vitro assay for mutagenicity and/or carcinogenicity of chemicals or other exogenous agents. The Institute for Cancer Research, Jackson Jackson & Chovanes, February 7, 1978: US04072574 (35 worldwide citation)

This involves an in vitro assay system to screen for mutagenic and/or carcinogenic agents based on alterations in the fidelity of DNA synthesis. In the system, chemicals will be tested for their mutagenicity or carcinogenicity by measuring increases in the number of mistakes incorporated by purified ...

Cording Eldon F: Joy stick controller for tower crane. Heede International, Jackson Jackson & Chovanes, March 11, 1975: US3870161 (20 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for controlling independent actions of a tower crane, including horizontal trolley travel along the boom track, rotation of the boom itself, and vertical travel of the lifting hook, with a lever, or joy stick, in such manner that the resulting movements are smooth, rapid, and reliably cont ...

Frantz Johannes Lund: 6-Aminopenicillanic acid derivatives. Lovens Kemiske Fabrik Produktionsaktieselskab, Jackson Jackson & Chovanes, May 18, 1976: US03957764 (20 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to hitherto unknown derivatives of 6-aminopenicillanic acids of the formula ##SPC1##

Robert D Trank: Tap splice connector. Hollingsworth Solderless Terminal Company, Jackson Jackson & Chovanes, September 13, 1977: US04047784 (18 worldwide citation)

A wire connector having an insulating body of S-shaped cross section wherein the bends of the S form wire-receiving channels. A pair of hinged and latched covers keep the wires in the channels. A metal contact plate is supported in the body and electrically connects the wires.

Greenberg Walter H, Nussbaum Frank J: Injection molding machine with adjustable nozzle length means. Bischoff Chemical Corporation, Jackson Jackson & Chovanes, October 22, 1974: US3843295 (17 worldwide citation)

Split molds are mounted upon a plurality of platens having parallel faces reciprocating within the reciprocating linear movement of clamping means in an injection molding machine. Each mold cavity is filled through one or more nozzles extending from a fixed manifold portion of the machine, each nozz ...

Darlington Henry S: Child resistant closure for collapsible tube. Teledyne Mid America Corporation, Jackson Jackson & Chovanes, August 19, 1975: US3900123 (17 worldwide citation)

A closure for collapsible tubes wherein the tube has lugs on its shoulder, and the cap which threads onto the neck of the tube has flexible spokes which engage with the abutments when the cap is screwed closed, to provide a lock. The cap is unlocked from the tube by lifting the spokes out of engagem ...

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