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The present invention relates to improved hydrogel-forming polymer compositions which can be used as absorbents in absorbent structures and absorbent articles such as diapers, sanitary napkins and the like. Such hydrogel-forming polymer compositions are substantially water-insoluble, slightly cross- ...

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Shampoos are disclosed which comprise a synthetic surfactant, an insoluble, non-volatile silicone, a suspending agent and water. Suitable suspending agents include long chain esters of ethylene glycol, esters of long chain fatty acids, long chain amine oxides among many others.

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Tissue paper webs useful in the manufacture of soft, absorbent products such as paper towels, napkins, and facial tissues, and processes for making the webs. The tissue paper webs comprise papermaking fibers, a quaternary ammonium compound, a polyhydroxy plasticizer, and a permanent wet strength res ...

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Improved topical pharmaceutical compositions containing a pharmaceutically-active agent and the penetration enhancing agent 1-dodecylazacycloheptan-2-one are disclosed. This agent is used at selected levels in combination with certain C.sub.3 -C.sub.4 diols or a 1-substituted azacycloalkyl-2-one. Th ...

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Disclosed are facial cleansing compositions in the form of an oil-in-water emulsion which contain specific surfactants with an HLB above about 10 in combination with specific polyalphaolefins and specific carboxylic copolymers which provide improved cleansing efficacy as well as improved rinsability ...

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Disclosed are wax based cosmetic stick compositions comprising: from about 10% to about 50% of a wax type solidifying agent; and from about 5% to about 90% of a polyalphaolefin. These compositions preferably comprise from about 1.0% to about 40% of an active component, such as a sunscreen agent, ana ...

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Provided herein are ether carboxylate builder compositions comprising a combination of tartrate monosuccinic acid (or salts thereof) and tartrate disuccinic acid (or salts thereof). Such mixtures can be prepared by reacting water-soluble, mixed maleic acid salts with mixed tartaric acid salts. Both ...

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This invention relates to devices/compositions and methods for treating diseases of the oral cavity in humans and lower animals using non-biodegradable devices/compositions which are biocompatible but not bioerodible for releasing drugs in or around a periodontol pocket or gingival sulcus.

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The present invention relates to medical polymers and devices made therefrom, and is based on the discovery that certain carboxylate antimicrobial agents can be releasably incorporated into permeable polymers. The walls of medical devices such as catheters can be fashioned from such polymers. In use ...

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The present invention is directed to a disposable absorbent article, and particularly a sanitary napkin, having a flexure-resistant deformation element, the sanitary napkin having a body surface which has a convex upward configuration when the sanitary napkin is worn. Primarily without relying on la ...