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A system which allows a user to teach a computational device how to perform complex, repetitive tasks that the user usually would perform using the device's graphical user interface (GUI) often but not limited to being a web browser. The system includes software running on a user's computational dev ...

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Tiles, preferably floor tiles having an upper surface (

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A knife with a spring-assisted articulation mechanism for assisting the user in the folding and unfolding of the blade from the pocket of the liner. The spring-assisted articulation mechanism also helps retain the blade in the folded position to prevent the blade from becoming unintentionally unfold ...

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A low-profile multilayer cushion assembly which can be used to support the human body under various conditions. The cushion assembly generally includes a top layer of supportive material having a relatively high compression modulus, a middle layer of woven material, and a bottom layer. The bottom la ...

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A detachable mount for a telescopic sight which can be operated using only one latching mechanism. The mount uses a front base attached to the ring of a rifle receiver and a rear base attached to the bridge of a rifle receiver. The upper surfaces of both the front and rear bases open into a pair of ...

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A modified gas delivery cartridge. A conventional straight-sided brass cartridge case is primed and then filled with solid propellant. A burst cup is then inserted in the case mouth. The burst cup is embossed with a cross or other shape to promote predictable rupture. Once the burst cup is in place, ...

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A mounting kit having dual compatibility for mounting either a single DIN component or a double DIN component. The mounting kit includes a combination aperture large enough to receive a double DIN component. A removable member extends horizontally between the left vertical side and the right vertica ...

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A removable wire label. The wire label has a labeling tab attached to an elongated flexible prong. The flexible prong is wrapped around a cable and passed through a locking slot in the labeling tab. Teeth on the flexible prong engage the locking slot and prevent the flexible prong from disengaging. ...

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A device for protecting threaded shafts and nuts against corrosion. The device covers and protects a nut and the exposed portion of a threaded shaft from corrosion found in harsh environments by holding grease in place over the nut and shaft.

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A small surgical table which can be attached directly to a C-arm X-ray machine. A flat plate of X-ray transparent material is provided as a surface on which surgical procedures can be performed. Clamping features are provided on the underside of this plate to allow its attachment to an image intensi ...