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A device for the controlled release of a substance having useful activity into a fluid medium at a substantially constant rate, said substance contained in a shape which is substantially that of a truncated cone by means of an impermeable wall or coating on the base and side (but not the top) of sai ...

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A device for dilating at least an obstructed portion of a urethra includes a hollow core member with opposed open ends permitting urination therethrough from the bladder, a confining covering disposed on the hollow member having a length of at least that of the obstructed portion and having hydrophi ...

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Improved pharmaceutical salts of amlodipine, particularly the besylate salt, and pharmaceutical compositions thereof. These salts find utility as anti-ischaemic and anti-hypertensive agents.

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A method of converting alpha acids to hop flavors by exposing the alpha acids to an environment capable of substantially simultaneously isomerizing and reducing the alpha acids to form either THIAA or HHIAA. Another aspect of this invention is directed to a method of reducing hop flavors by exposing ...


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Certain new 2-oxindole-1-carboxamide compounds having an acyl substituent at the 3-position are inhibitors of the cyclooxygenase (CO) and lipoxygenase (LO) enzymes, and are useful as analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents in mammalian subjects. In particular, the compounds of the invention are usefu ...

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Antidepressant agents having the formula ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1 is a polycycloalkyl group; R.sup.2 is methyl or ethyl, X is O; and Y comprises a 5-membered heterocyclic ring having one or two nitrogens.

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A visual inspection system for inspecting pharmaceutical tablets. The system comprises a photoelectric detection means for detecting the light intensity within an inspection area on a tablet and for generating a detection signal which varies with that light intensity. The system also comprises a sig ...

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Transdermal flux enhancers such as oleic acid and 1-dodecylazacycloheptan-2-one are used in combination with iontophoresis in the topical administration of pharmaceutical agents.