Donald Wiebe: Steering railway truck. Hansen, J Stewart Brams, October 8, 1996: US05562044 (3 worldwide citation)

A railway vehicle truck having side frames which are supported with respect to the journals of spaced apart wheelsets with the respective pair of wheelset axle ends supporting each side frame being constrained to move simultaneously in opposite directions toward and away from each other in response ...

Donald Wiebe: Articulated rail car connector. Hansen, J Stewart Brams, May 28, 1996: US05520295 (3 worldwide citation)

An articulated connector for flexibly connecting the adjacent ends of a pair of rail car platforms which are supported on a common truck bolster, the connector comprising a spherical bearing formed integrally with a conventional center plate bearing of one car platform, and spherical elements carrie ...

John J Davidson: Electrocoating cell. Aluminum Company of America, Elroy Strickland, J Stewart Brams, June 30, 1987: US04676881 (3 worldwide citation)

An electrocoating cell preferably for use in a rotary turret machine for electrocoating a container or the like in an upright orientation, wherein all requisite coating medium inlet connections and electrical connections to the cell, as well as both the inner and outer electrodes, are carried by a s ...

George A Hibbard: Rock drill. Joy Manufacturing Company, J Stewart Brams, November 13, 1979: US04174010 (3 worldwide citation)

A percussive rock drill and more particularly a percussive rock drill having improved means for passing a flow of flushing fluid therethrough.

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A conveying device including an endless, side discharging conveying element with improved supporting and discharge actuating means therefor.

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A hand implement having an adjustable handle which is selectively movable by operation of improved retention devices therefor to any of a variety of use positions, each of which corresponds to a handle position perpendicular to one of a plurality of abutment faces formed on an implement base portion ...

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A fluid motor and more particularly a fluid motor having an improved piston head structure.

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A railway freight truck bolster friction assembly and more particularly improved friction assemblies of elastomeric material which are adapted to be captively retained intermediate an axial end portion of a bolster member and an adjacent side frame.

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A drilling apparatus adapted to have a drill string releasably secured thereto and including improved means for selectively locking such a drill string against axial rotation.

Charles L Badino: Filter. Joy Manufacturing Company, J Stewart Brams, February 17, 1981: US04251376 (1 worldwide citation)

A rotary disc filter apparatus including selectively removable filtrate flow conducting means and improved securing means therefor.