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A method and apparatus for controlling relative movement such as rotary movement between a railway truck and a car body supported thereby to control truck hunting through application of reaction forces resisting such rotary movement which are effective primarily to resist higher velocity relative ro ...

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An apparatus and method are disclosed for environmental applications such as waste water treatment, de-inking of recycled paper, chemical/biochemical waste clean-up, and mineral beneficiation, using a multi-stage flotation column. A series of draft tubes arranged axially and separated by baffles pro ...

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A powered, personal transportation apparatus for transporting an individual in a standing position, the apparatus including a platform supported by wheels, on which the user stands, the platform having a circular profile which defines substantially the entire outer periphery thereof, and some of the ...

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An improved discharge electrode having a stiffener centrally of planar side and corona edges in an electrostatic precipitator.

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An elongated handle has a grip at a first end thereof, and a head at a second end thereof. The head comprises a plate having a leading edge and a trailing edge. Teeth for ripping building material are provided at the leading edge. The plate is planar except for the teeth which have tapered ends. A w ...

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A compressed air lubricator with a novel and improved means for dispersing lubricant into small particle sizes and providing for their introduction into and uniform distribution within an air stream flowing through the lubricator.

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An insole is capable of withstanding penetration of nails and other foreign objects. The insole is constructed of a substantially flexible, substantially puncture resistant material, such as a polymer fiber. The perimeter of the insole is curved upward, and includes a plurality of substantially v-sh ...

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A damper valve and more particularly an improved damper valve including purge means for the prevention of leakage therepast.

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A lockable differential having a carrier and opposed bevel gears which engage respective shafts, and opposed pinion gears which engage the bevel gears, wherein a locking means includes a selector annulus engaging the carrier, a locking annulus engaging the carrier and selectively engagable with one ...

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Screw rotors for a screw compressor or expander incorporating improved screw profiles on both male and female rotors wherein certain mating portions of the two rotor screws have involute profiles to provide conjugate action of these screw portions with minimum sliding motion of such mating portions ...