William P Voegele Jr: Continuous ridge skylight system. J Stewart Brams, June 27, 2000: US06079167 (20 worldwide citation)

A building skylight system providing novel and improved cooperation between the skylight and a standing seam roof structure to accommodate thermally induced movement of the standing seam roof panels.

Mark S Gracy: Soil tilling implement with novel tine and footrest structure. J Stewart Brams, June 20, 2000: US06076614 (19 worldwide citation)

A dirt-loosening tool comprising of an elongated handle having a head at one end that has multiple prongs in separate planes that can be easily pushed into soil. A footrest deposed between the separate planes doubles as a leveraged fulcrum. This allows for effortless cultivation of compacted dirt.

Mark A Opar: Greeting card display apparatus or the like. J Stewart Brams, January 2, 1996: US05480036 (16 worldwide citation)

A greeting card display apparatus including an upstanding card retaining assembly with concealed slot means for receiving a plurality of endless loop elastic cords in a manner that the elastic cords extend in tension along the periphery of the upstanding assembly to retain greeting cards with respec ...

Henry J Gisler: Lime slaking apparatus. Joy Manufacturing Company, J Stewart Brams, April 14, 1981: US04261953 (16 worldwide citation)

An improved lime slaking system including agitator means effective for mechanical comminution of particulate lime during the hydration thereof.

Frank B Kendrick: Control means. Joy Manufacturing Company, J Stewart Brams, September 5, 1978: US04111066 (16 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to improved traction control means for a mobile vehicle such as a tractor or excavating machine having a pair of laterally spaced, endless crawler tracks, each of which is powered independently by its own traction motor for generally curvilinear travel of the vehicle at variab ...

Darwin L Ellis, Frank M Kelly: Capping head. Aluminum Company of America, Max L Williamson, J Stewart Brams, July 15, 1986: US04599846 (15 worldwide citation)

A capping head for the rotary application of a cap on a container wherein a housing adapted to be secured to a rotary spindle rotatably carries a chuck of minimal inertial mass in coaxial alignment with the spindle and an improved nonfrictional magnetic clutch transmits torque from the rotating hous ...

Shawn Martin, Stephen P Dobies: Locomotive air processing apparatus. Hansen, J Stewart Brams, October 3, 2000: US06126724 (14 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for utilizing semi-permeable membrane technology to process compressed air in such applications as a compressed air system of a railway locomotive.

Ward D Morrison: Rock drill. Joy Manufacturing Company, J Stewart Brams, February 21, 1978: US04074771 (14 worldwide citation)

A rock drill assembly and more particularly a rock drill assembly having improved fluid power means therefor.

Ronald W Gunkel, James R Morran: Blind setting rivet. Aluminum Company of America, Max L Williamson, J Stewart Brams, December 16, 1986: US04629380 (13 worldwide citation)

A preferably aluminum blind setting rivet including a detachable drill tip, preferably of steel, for self-drilling, the drill tip being attached to the rivet mandrel for drilling a hole to receive the rivet and being subsequently ejected from the mandrel during rivet setting.

James L Gilliland, Frank B Kendrick: Mining machine with cutter drum having internal drive motors. Joy Manufacturing Comapny, J Stewart Brams, September 13, 1977: US04047763 (13 worldwide citation)

A continuous mining machine having a rotary cutter drum provided with internal drive motors. The drive motors extend on opposite sides of the support boom for the rotary cutter drum and each motor is within the axial extent of the cutter drum on each side of the support boom.