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Curable acrylate ester compositions having as an accelerator for the polymerization a hydrazine derivative of the formula R.sup.1 --HN--NH--CO--R.sup.2. Typical of the monomers are the polyalkylene-glycol dimethacrylates and the so-called urethane acrylates. Polymerization is preferably initiated by ...

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Stable cyanoacrylate adhesive compositions having viscosities greater than about 200 centipoise are prepared by incorporating therein, as a thickening agent, a soluble acrylic polymer having a reduced viscosity of about 5 or greater, and a content of free radical polymerization initiator less than 1 ...

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A polymerizable adhesive and sealant composition comprising a urethane-acrylate-capped prepolymer based on a polybutadiene polyol or polyamine having at least about 70 percent of the butadiene units in the 1,4-configuration. The composition provides improved thermal, impact and cure-through-gap prop ...

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This invention concerns anaerobic compositions which contain acrylate ester monomers, peroxy polymerization initiators, a substituted thiourea, and an acidic substance and which exhibit improved ability to cure through relatively large gaps.


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A process for producing metallocenes encapsulated by a urea-formaldehyde polymer shell. The presence of a small amount of a cationic surfactant, preferably an alkyl hydroxy amine, is required during the condensation polymerization which forms the shell.

John Woods: UV Curable adhesive tape. Loctite, J Rodney Reck, November 8, 1983: US04414275 (21 worldwide citation)

A flexible adhesive tape comprising a thermoplastic support film etched on one side with a suitable etchant or etching method, said etched side being coated with a polyvinylformal pre-coat, and further coated with a photo-sensitive adhesive composition comprising,

Denis J O Sullivan, Bernard J Bolger, T Eisirt Casey: Dental filling composition. Loctite Corporation, Jean B Mauro, J Rodney Reck, January 6, 1981: US04243578 (21 worldwide citation)

An improved dental filling material is prepared from polymerizable urethane-acrylate resins which cure by a free-radical mechanism to form hard and durable filling compositions which bond strongly and adhesively to tooth enamel, to dentin, to dental prostheses and to preexisting dental filling mater ...

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A self-emulsifying anaerobic-curing composition is disclosed. The composition is rendered self-emulsifying by incorporating certain anionic and/or nonionic surfactants in a concentration range of about 0.25 to about 10.0 percent. The preferred anionics comprise the petroleum sulfonates and the sodiu ...

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A composition of matter which is useful in a process for impregnating and sealing of porous articles, the composition comprising: