Christopher W Gabrys: Wind turbine. J Michael Neary, May 9, 2006: US07042109 (109 worldwide citation)

A wind turbine for generating electrical power from wind energy includes a turbine rotor mounted for rotation in wind, and having multiple blades for converting energy in the wind into rotational energy. A generator is coupled with said turbine rotor such that said turbine rotor drives said generato ...

Eric Thompson: Desktop portable computer vertical dock system. J Michael Neary, December 3, 2002: US06490154 (81 worldwide citation)

A mobile computer docking mechanism which transforms a laptop computer into a fully capable desktop computing and telephony system. The invention facilitates the use of the laptop liquid crystal display screen while the laptop computer is in the docked position. The network, keyboard and power ports ...

Eric Thompson: Mobile computing and communication system. J Michael Neary, March 27, 2001: US06206480 (78 worldwide citation)

A dual, or single, case mobile computing and communication system with rapid mobility for usage in the field, consisting of a component mounting mechanism, a mobile computer and peripheral data switching micronetwork, an enclosed modular peripheral power system, and a plug-in modular component card ...

Dwight L Engwall: Dual purpose lay-up tool. The Boeing Company, J Michael Neary, May 5, 1998: US05746553 (71 worldwide citation)

A method of manufacturing a laid-up, bonded and, cured composite part, includes filling a groove on a facing surface of a tool with a foaming, self-skinning sacrificial material and covering the facing surface of the tool with a caul sheet. The tool is heated to cure the foaming material, filling th ...

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A hybrid tool serves as a form on which constituent materials are applied for bonding or curing into a part in a desired configuration. It also serves as a holder for the bonded or cured materials in the originally applied position during subsequent machining. The hybrid tool is made by fabricating ...

Lawrence R Folsom, Clive Tucker: Hydraulic machine. Folsom Technologies, J Michael Neary, March 19, 2002: US06358174 (69 worldwide citation)

A hydromechanical transmission has an operating assembly including an input hydrostatic unit (

Gerald J Julien: Threaded load transferring attachment. Nitinol Technologies, J Michael Neary, July 30, 2002: US06425829 (65 worldwide citation)

A Nitinol element is threaded by first heating it to a temperature of about 800° C., and then applying a threading tool, such as a tap or die, to form the threads. Nitinol has a unique property of increasing yield strength as cold work is applied, but this property ceases to exist above a temperatur ...

Rudy L Cologna, Melvin D Eng, Edgar P King: Blind-side panel repair patch. The Boeing Company, J Michael Neary, May 13, 1986: US04588626 (57 worldwide citation)

A repair patch kit for repairing holes in panels of composite materials includes a bolt having a rigid washer of about the same diameter as the hole to be repaired. The rigid washer bears against a slit disc that is substantially larger than the hole. The slit disc can be twisted to open the slit, a ...

Edward J McCarthy: Stormwater control system. J Michael Neary, August 30, 1994: US05342144 (53 worldwide citation)

Stormwater from a watershed is collected in a stormwater collection basin for water quality improvement primarily by settling of suspended solids, and also for control of the flow rate through downstream flow channels. The outflow rate from the basin is governed by an adjustable water control device ...

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A method for repairing damaged sections of panels made of composite materials includes the steps of cutting the damaged section out of the panel and inserting, from the near-side, a bolt having a rigid washer, of about the same diameter as the hole to be repaired, and a flexible washer that is subst ...