Lucille H Novak: Method for primary cementing a well with a drilling mud which may be converted to cement using chemical initiators with or without additional irradiation. Exxon Production Research Company, J M Hoster, E T Wheelock, August 2, 1988: US04760882 (109 worldwide citation)

This application discloses a process for drilling and primary cementing a well using a drilling fluid containing a polymeric material which may be converted into a well cement by contact with an initiator and, optionally, by irradiation with a suitable radioactive source.

Alexander S Adorjan: Pipeline system with encapsulated insulation. Exxon Production Research Co, J M Hoster, January 20, 1987: US04637637 (7 worldwide citation)

A pipeline system which is capable of withstanding a range of extreme temperatures is disclosed. A pipe is surrounded by a vapor barrier which has a corrugated surface facing the pipe. The amplitude of the corrugations changes, absorbing the stress imposed by extreme temperatures, especially those a ...