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Cleaning and soil dispersing compositions comprising ethoxylated/propoxylated polyalkyleneamine polymers are provided. Thus, detergent compositions which comprise ethoxylated/propoxylated polyalkyleneamine polymers, such as poly(ethyleneimine) with a degree of ethoxylation of 1.0, provide soil dispe ...

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The present invention relates to cleaning compositions comprising subtilisin proteases from Bacillus lentus having the following alterations: N76D, S103A and V104I, where the numbering is based on the corresponding positions in the subtilisin from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens.

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Detergent compositions having an effective suds controlling agent comprising a silicone material which is substantially removed from contact with the surfactant component of the composition.

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Anionic sulfonated poly-ethoxy/propoxy, especially modified isethionate, end-capped esters useful as soil release agents in detergent compositions are presented. The terephthalate esters are homogeneously integrated with one or more crystallization-reducing stabilizers.

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Absorbent articles, especially sanitary napkins, contain fibers with intra-fiber capillary channels. In-use, the capillary channel fibers direct menses to a storage layer, thereby minimizing product failure and staining of undergarments. The capillary channel fibers can protrude into, or through, a ...

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Nutritional mineral supplements comprise iron compounds and calcium compounds in combination with citrates or tartrates, ascorbates, and, optionally, fructose. The tendency of calcium to inhibit the bioavailability of iron is reduced in such compositions, so that conjoint bioavailability of these tw ...

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The invention concerns laundry detergent compositions comprising lipase (especially the variant D96L of the native lipase derived from Humicola lanuginosa), protease, and surfactant, wherein said compositions comprise levels of lipase enzyme and protease enzyme such that the whitening performance of ...

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A beverage containing a flavorant and green tea solids or flavanols is disclosed. The beverage can contain sweeteners. Caffeine can also be present in the beverage in ratio of caffeine to flavanols of from about 1:1 to about 1:30. The beverage can be carbonated or non-carbonated, i.e. a still bevera ...

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Microemulsions which are thermodynamically stable, clear, and homogeneous are made from a polar solvent, a specific polyglycerol mono, diester and a lipid. These microemulsions are edible, have good flavor and can be used to disperse water soluble nutrients, vitamins, flavor and flavor precursors in ...