Nancy Gallagher: Cover for air conditioner. J H Slough, January 5, 1982: US04308905 (30 worldwide citation)

A cover for an air conditioning unit or the like comprising an open box-like rectangular formed weather tight closure adapted to enclose an end of the said unit when installed in a wall opening such as a window, said closure having cooperating side and end wall portions forming a tunnel about the ou ...

Louis J Moliterno, Reuel E Jennings: Apparatus and method for inductively heating metallic tubing having an upset portion. Ajax Magnethermic Corporation, J H Slough, June 6, 1978: US04093839 (29 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed herein apparatus and method for heating metallic tubing having a thickened portion, by passing the same through an induction heater energized with power at a relatively high frequency whereby the temperature of the body of the tubing rises at a faster rate than the temperature of ...

George Havas: Power control unit for a single phase load with slightly changing impedances. Ajax Magnethermic Corporation, J H Slough, February 13, 1979: US04139723 (20 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed herein a power control unti for controlling the voltage and power delivered to a single phase load, said control unit being preferably employed with loads whose impedance changes but slightly over the work cycle. The circuit utilizes a diode rectifier and a controlled rectifier co ...

Elmer L Smith: Planter. J H Slough, November 6, 1979: US04173098 (19 worldwide citation)

A receptacle having an imperforate bottom has a perforated, horizontal wall spaced upwardly from the bottom and dividing the receptacle into upper and lower compartments. Tubes project through the perforated wall and extend upwardly above the upper edge of the receptacle and downwardly to the bottom ...

Alan G MacKinnon: Bottom brace for crane. The Foundation Equipment Corporation, J H Slough, July 25, 1978: US04102094 (15 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed herein a portable crane having a boom and lower brace supporting an elongated lead adapted to carry a pile driver, drill or other tool. The outer end of the brace has a capstan drive connected to a lead supporting line whereby the brace is movable vertically independently of the l ...

Westelle Maxwell: Balcony greenhouse. J H Slough, June 22, 1982: US04335547 (15 worldwide citation)

A movable greenhouse construction adapted for use on a balcony or a patio having means for moving the greenhouse laterally parallel to the building wall containing a balcony door or patio door to permit direct access from the building to the interior of the greenhouse. After use, the movable greenho ...

Hugh F Groth: Ground working apparatus with tools to draw the apparatus forward. True Temper Corporation, J H Slough, June 27, 1978: US04096915 (13 worldwide citation)

A cordless earth tiller has a housing mounted upon wheels and including a handle for guiding and controlling the tiller and tilting the same in a fore-and-aft direction. A power driven crankshaft disposed forwardly of the wheels carries a plurality of arms which depend from crankpins of the cranksha ...

William E Portz: Pendulum type hoe. True Temper Corporation, J H Slough, June 6, 1978: US04093031 (13 worldwide citation)

A pendulum type hoe has a stirrup-shaped blade mounted to the fork of a handle for limited articulation. Inturned flanges of the blade engage hourglass shaped openings in the fork arms, the flanges being retained between reinforcing bars which project through the openings and afford strength, wear r ...

John Kanne, Harry E Deverell: Tubular golf shaft of stainless steel. True Temper Corporation, J H Slough, November 14, 1978: US04125260 (11 worldwide citation)

An improved precipitation hardening or maraging stainless steel for use in Tubular Sporting Implements, particularly golf shafts containing chromium, molybdenum and nickel, the sum of said chromium, molybdenum and nickel being at least 18% and not exceeding 25%, at least one element selected from th ...

Robert E Jones: Free flowing modified whey powder. Marvin F Beach, J H Slough, May 9, 1978: US04088791 (11 worldwide citation)

Preparation of a free flowing modified whey powder, and anti-caking, anti-sticking additive keeping the powder free flowing during preparation, the additive including a mixture of fat and titanium dioxide, and suitable for preparing said powders from sweet, acid wheys, or a mixture of the same.