John B Arnold, John M Bowyer, Howard R Hegbar, Archie B Shaefer: Battery condition monitoring method and apparatus. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, J G Pere, P E Milliken, October 4, 1977: US04052717 (35 worldwide citation)

A battery condition monitoring device which senses battery terminal voltage and creates a function thereof and tests that function against predetermined criteria and determines battery condition as a result of such tests. Furthermore, the invention operates on the transient of the battery terminal v ...

Edwin C Slagel: Polyurethane and method of making. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, J D Wolfe, J G Pere, May 8, 1979: US04153777 (33 worldwide citation)

A polyurethane, being the reaction product of a polyester or polyether polyol with 1.5 to 2.5 equivalents of polyisocyanate, 0.05 to 0.40 equivalents of water cured with a polyol having less than 800 molecular weight.

Thadeus E Gorsica Jr: Method and apparatus for enhancing data. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, J G Pere, October 26, 1976: US03988602 (21 worldwide citation)

A technique and apparatus for enhancing the data upon a film transparency is presented. The density characteristics of the object film are digitized and shifted to exponentially increase the magnitude and significance of the digitized data. This amplified data is then utilized for producing a second ...

Robert E Berger: Carbon brake disk with cast keyslot reinforcement members. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, J G Pere, P E Milliken, February 15, 1977: US04007814 (14 worldwide citation)

An annular carbon brake disk having cast metal keyslot reinforcement members which are shaped to intimately conform to the contour of the keyslots and to an adjacent surface area of the disk on each side of the keyslots. The reinforcement members are preferably investment castings of heat resistant ...

Basil M Madigan: Simplified wheel speed transducer. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, J G Pere, P E Milliken, E W Oldham, October 12, 1976: US03986118 (14 worldwide citation)

A wheel speed transducer for sensing the rotational speed of a wheel about an axle which fundamentally includes a housing fixed to the axle and containing therein two permanent magnets. The magnets are arranged such that an elongated pole piece commonly abuts first surfaces of each of the magnets, s ...

Charles D Morrill, Willard C Meilander: High speed information processing system. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, J G Pere, October 19, 1976: US03987419 (12 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a unique high speed information processing system capable of storing and operating on large volumes of data without the necessity of complicated data file systems or sophisticated programming techniques. Fundamentally, the invention combines an associative processor having a content-add ...

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This invention relates to an axisymmetrical-shaped, tethered wing balloon which is substantially autostable in the wind field and, particularly, to a wing balloon which, without performing any rotational motion, is able to keep relatively to the wind direction, a permanent consistent attitude irresp ...

James R Haney, Edgar J Ruof: Failure warning and shut-off for anti-skid system. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, J G Pere, P E Milliken, E W Oldham, January 18, 1977: US04003607 (7 worldwide citation)

An improvement is provided for use in a wheeled vehicle having anti-skid circuitry associated with the wheels thereof. Fundamentally, the invention comprises a comparator connected to the anti-skid circuitry which products an output signal when anti-skid signals exceed a particular level for a prede ...

Lloyd R Blair, Gregory L Martin: Linear sweep frequency generator with sampling circuit phase control loop. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation Arkon OH, J G Pere, November 16, 1971: US3621450 (7 worldwide citation)

The invention includes means to generate a substantially linear FM waveform pulse. A phase comparison of the FM waveform pulse is made with respect to several reference constant frequency waveform signals whose frequencies and phase are made to match an ideal FM waveform pulse at preselected points ...

William D Egbert, Wilson C McDonald: Glass shaping form mold. Goodyear Aerospace Corporation, J G Pere, April 19, 1977: US04018589 (5 worldwide citation)

A form for shaping softened glass on a full-contact mold without spalling or mark-off. The invention includes a base having a plurality of threaded rods extending vertically therefrom; each rod having a trunnion threaded thereon for adjusting purposes. The trunnions make engagement with support memb ...