Wade Boaz, Daniel D Elena, Michael Lucivero, Sarka Martinez, Ronald J Salpietra, Olga E Savastano, Ronald Soltis: Method and apparatus for message handling in computer systems. International Business Machines Corporation, J E Hoel, K A Seaman, July 26, 1994: US05333266 (618 worldwide citation)

An Integrated Messaging System which integrates mail from a plurality of mail servers handling messages of different media types such as text, voice, facsimile, video and image. The IMS maintains the in-basket for all mail systems, eliminating the need to collect each type of mail separately. Any te ...

Peter M Kogge: Skewed matrix address generator. IBM Corporation, M H Klitzman, J E Hoel, January 25, 1983: US04370732 (10 worldwide citation)

An address generator for an M-interleaved memory for accessing row or column elements of a matrix stored in a skewed matrix pattern includes an apparatus for circularly shifting the addresses for the i.sup.th row of a matrix by s(i-1) positions so that both row and column elements of the matrix can ...

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