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A molded extensible-collapsible container having a series of flutes, in the generic sense, in its side to permit the container when subjected to an external force to move to a collapsed position or to the extended position when preferably the yield point of the plastic is no greater than about 5% an ...

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An improved two component adhesive whereby said adhesive exhibits sag resistance on a vertical surface substantially immediately after the two components are mixed with adequate gel time for use thereof said two component adhesive being composed of a polyurethane prepolymer component and a curative ...

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A foam mattress having a crown area with cored-out areas therein to modify the harshness of feel of said mattress.

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A polyurethane, being the reaction product of a polyester or polyether polyol with 1.5 to 2.5 equivalents of polyisocyanate, 0.05 to 0.40 equivalents of water cured with a polyol having less than 800 molecular weight.

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A flexible endless belt track for a track-driven vehicle, said belt track having an outer ground-contacting surface to provide traction and an opposite inner surface which is adapted for moving contact with rigid elements of the vehicle drive means and the belt track supporting means, said inner sur ...

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A mold release agent comprising metallic soaps of the fatty acids in combination with 0.03 to one percent of a polyurethane catalyst selected from secondary and tertiary amines and organic tin compounds.

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A liquid ethylenically unsaturated polyetherurethane composition having a viscosity at 24.degree. C. of 1000 to 10,000 centipoises dispersible in dilute aqueous sodium hydroxide is capable of being polymerized by actinic light to yield a solid having a Shore A hardness of at least 30 when the compos ...

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A bumper assembly to protect a marine or related dock from vessels or vehicles composed of a bumper strip of ultra-high molecular weight preferably 3.5 to 6 million molecular weight polyethylene covering a mass of rubber attached to the dock wall.

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A container capable of passing the temperature requirements of U.S. Defense Department Specification MIL-T-25783 B and C (ASG) Tank, Fuel Aircraft and Missile Non-Self Sealing High Temperature Removable consisting of an inner layer of polyurethane elastomer of 2 to 30 mils adhered to at least one pl ...

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An inflatable packer assembly having an inflatable bladder having reinforcing means where the steel wires are arranged as a series of parallel inline cables positioning within the bladder and their ends are anchored in an upper and a lower shoe means and is embedded in elastomeric compounds having p ...