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A rugged adjustable, optical alignment system is well suited for use in low light environments or at night. A rear sight includes a U-shaped array of, preferably, first second and third substantially cylindrical, transparent, tritium vials arranged such that the elongated cylindrical side surfaces o ...

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A removable optical sight mount adapted for use with a military-style rifle such as an M1A provides a centrally aligned support projecting well to the rear for use with sights having very limited eye relief. The removable sight advantageously uses a three point lock up or attachment to the rifle, th ...

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An adjustable rear pistol sight has a sight base and a sight block. The sight block is secured in a recess in the sight base and has both windage and elevation adjustment capabilities. The sight base has a dovetail that will be receivable in a cooperatively shaped notch in a slide of a pistol with w ...

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An improved spa nozzle that is capable of entraining high air flow rates from the surrounding environment, said nozzle of the type having a water input conduit of diameter D, a flow output conduit having entry and diameter of DID, a transition conduit having a diameter of ID and a length of PL, and ...

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A compact audio reproduction system for two input signals includes at least four loudspeakers disposed at the vertices of a quadrilateral not more than two feet on any side and such that no two loudspeakers are located at a distance from one another which is less than one-fourth the greatest distanc ...