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A method is disclosed for recovering viscous crudes from petroleum-containing formation, such as tar sand deposits, which are too deep to mine economically but not deep enough, or geologically not structured properly, to successfully hydraulically fracture for well to well production. The method con ...

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In an improved method for the treatment of a permeable formation or zone adjacent to the bore of an oil well, the setting time of an acid-settable liquid is predictably delayed by use of a novel catalyst system. The method provides an effective means for controlling the reduction of the permeability ...

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A process for the conversion of methanol to olefins by contacting an methanol-containing feedstock with an SSZ-13 under methanol conversion conditions.

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A hull heating system for an offshore production structure for use in arctic waters wherein the heat from the produced fluids is used to maintain the temperature of the outer surface of the structure above the melting temperature of the ice adjacent the structure.

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A fully mobil and totally contained well servicing and drilling rig is disclosed having equipment on the rig for automatically handling well elements (pipe, tubing and rods) going into and coming out of a well. The rig provides well element storage racks, cranes for moving well elements onto and off ...

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A blend of different polypropylene resins which is particularly useful in melt-spinning fine denier yarns. The blend can be melt-extruded into pellets having better spinning properties for melt-spinning fine denier yarns than the individual resins.

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Compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein R is aliphatic hydrocarbyl, alicyclic hydrocarbyl or aryl suitably substituted, if desired, or a heterocyclic group, R.sup.1 is hydrogen or alkyl, R.sup.2 is alkyl or alkoxy, R.sup.3 is ##STR2## wherein a is 0 or 1, R.sup.4 is hydrogen or CW'.sub.3, the W' b ...

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An improved vanadium-phosphorus mixed oxide is prepared by a unique method employing an organic medium. The substantial intrinsic surface area and the microcrystalline structure of the new oxide result in advantageous activity and selectivity effects in the catalysed vapor phase oxidation of n-butan ...

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3-(N-acyl-N-arylamino)-.gamma.-lactones, .delta.-lactones, .gamma.-lactams and .delta.-lactams have fungicidal activity.

Shih Tung Liu: Erwinia herbicola strain that inhibits pathogenic plant bacteria. Chevron Research Company, J A Buchanan Jr, T G DeJonghe, February 11, 1986: US04569841 (26 worldwide citation)

A strain of Erwinia herbicola identified as EHO-10 has been found to have a broad spectrum of inhibitory activity against pathogenic bacteria. Pathogenic bacteria inhibited by EHO-10 includes those from the following genera: Agrobacterium, Corynebacterium, Erwinia, Pseudomonas, and Xanthomonas. EHO- ...