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A network system of programmable, identification, locating, monitoring and processing fixed position (FPN) and movable tag nodes, which provides direct inter-node communication capability without a central processor. The individual nodes include microprocessor elements, pre-programmed to recognize e ...

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A configurable connector between two or more devices with at least one of the devices being capable of programming the connector through an interface therewith. The connector contains programmable electronic circuitry capable of being instructed by the device whereby the connector assumes a desired ...

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A self verifying transaction card having a self contained keyboard or keypad for entering a personal identification code, a simplified verification display comprised of light emitting diodes (LED's) which light up in a pre-determined configuration for validation of a verification check, a non-volati ...

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An intra-oral sensor for computer aided oral examination by means of low dosage x-rays in place of film and developer. The intra-oral sensor is exceedingly thin for proper mouth placement and in situ maneuvering, with an active area substantially equivalent to corresponding dental film sizes and a t ...

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The present invention relates to a method of treating migraine in a mammal, including a human, by administering to the mammal a 5HT

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An improved fastening element for securement within an opening and of the type comprising (a) a head portion; (b) a connecting portion comprising a longitudinally extending body portion including a pair of opposed pillar-like parts, for insertion into such opening; and (c) at the end of said connect ...

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A portable early warning device for use in detection of breaches in protective garments such as gloves, during surgical procedures and the like. The device embodies a central process and source unit containing sensing wave generator, indicators, driving circuitry, digital analyzing and monitoring ci ...

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A surgical needle holder for curved needles, comprised of movable gripping jaws offset from a manipulating handle thereof by a distance substantially equal to the radius of curvature of the specific needle to be held thereby. The gripping jaws are positioned relative to said handle such that the cur ...

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A suture or fixation wire having a relatively high degree of elasticity is utilized in suturing or fixation procedures in soft tissue or bone, with improvements in corrosion and breakage resistance and with reduction of tissue trauma. The wire is comprised of a medical grade low carbon content stain ...

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A portable waterproof fluorescent lantern having a case impervious to the entry of water, a fluorescent lamp within the case, a self-contained power source within the case for powering the lamp and means for activating the power source which is waterproof and operatively associated with the case.