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A disposable indifferent electrode easily contoured to body surfaces including an electrode electrolyte assembly in which the electrode is relatively small in size yet provides very effective electrical contact between it and the body surface by virtue of an interposed electrolyte composition of pre ...

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Apparatus and method for making fluid mass flow rate measurements using a Coriolis flow meter equipped with sensors which measure acceleration, velocity, or position of each side leg of an oscillating U-shaped conduit through which the fluid is passed. The sensors are so constructed and located as t ...

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Discloses a technique for modifying an epoxy resin by reacting with addition copolymerizable monomer in the presence of at least 3% of benzoyl peroxide at about 110.degree. C. to 120.degree. C., or the free radical initiating equivalent thereof. The reaction mixture obtained contains:

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A connector for the grounding cable of an electrosurgical generator (E.G.) has a non-conductive body carrying an electrical contact plate against which a stud of an indifferent electrode in an electrosurgical grounding pad is locked by a non-conductive cam lever pivotally mounted on the body portion ...

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A method for performing multiple, simultaneous in vitro diagnostic tests is provided. The method utilizes a solid phase device comprising a receptacle and an insert. The receptacle has one or more fixed components immobilized on its inner surface. The insert has one or more fixed components--differe ...

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A composition of matter comprising a polymeric reaction product of a hydroxy terminated butadiene prepolymer having an average molecular weight of about 400 to 25,000 and containing 1 to 3 hydroxyl groups per molecule and a polyisocyanate reactant present in an amount to provide from 100 to 1200 per ...

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In a modular seat for public use, such as in mass transportation vehicles, a floor mounted frame supports independently and removably mounted juxtaposed seat frames onto the bottom and back sections of which module cushion segments are transversely fastened in side by side abutting relation by hidde ...

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