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A method of synthesizing amorphous Group IIIA-Group VA compounds. A first solution is prepared which consists of a tris(trialkylsilyl) derivative of either a Group IIIA or Group VA element dissolved in an organic solvent. A second solution is then prepared which consists of a halide of the other of ...

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One aspect of the invention relates to an interconnect for an SOFC wherein the interconnect is made from a cermet including partially stabilized tetragonal zirconia and a superalloy that is resistant to oxidizing and reducing conditions. Another aspect of the invention relates to an SOFC having vias ...

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The present invention discloses a method and apparatus for correctly positioning the text of a hypertext markup language (html) file on a display screen linked to a computer such that there are no partial lines of text displayed and without the re-display of text that was displayed on a previous scr ...

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Disclosed is an ion implantation source for producing a plasma with an electron cyclotron resonance zone including a chamber for plasma processing and having at least one extraction slit, said extraction slit situated at a first end of the chamber; at least one antenna encircling the chamber for pro ...

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An arrangement and method for mounting a cutter body, especially a milling cutter, in which the cutter and power driven spindle have a common axis of rotation. An arbor shank is used to interconnect the cutter with the spindle with one end of the shank mating with a shouldered bore formed in one of ...

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A capacitor with a low parasitic inductance, which is particularly suited for use as a decoupling capacitor, that has a prismatic or polyhedral shape and includes a plurality of internal capacitor plates positioned and separated by dielectric material. The improvement is that each plate is provided ...

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A recoverable fabric for example a weave having a conductive metal warp and a recoverable polymeric weft may be provided with solder to provide an article for screening electrical components.

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A protective structure for blocking the propagation of defects generated in a semiconductor device is disclosed. In an exemplary embodiment, the structure includes a deep trench isolation formed between a memory storage region of the semiconductor device and a logic circuit region of the semiconduct ...

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A method for dynamic management of Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) reassembly buffers in hardware (e.g., in a TCP/IP offload engine (TOE)). The method comprises: providing a plurality of data blocks and an indirect list; pointing, via entries in the indirect list, to allocated data blocks in the ...

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A method of forming a lead-free solder alloy on an electronic substrate. In the method, a metal stack which includes a thick nickel barrier layer and an outer copper layer is then evaporated or plated with silver and tin. Upon heating to an appropriate temperature, the copper, tin and silver form a ...