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One embodiment of the present invention includes a memory element having a composite free layer including a first free sub-layer formed on top of the bottom electrode, a nano-current-channel (NCC) layer formed on top of the first free sub-layer, and a second free sub-layer formed on top of the NCC l ...

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System and method for converting an analog voltage to a digital signal. The system includes an input voltage sampler, a ramp generator, a comparator, a time-to-digital converter (TDC), and a multiphase oscillator, preferably a rotary traveling wave oscillator, that provides the critical system timin ...

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A spin-torque transfer memory random access memory (STTMRAM) element is disclosed and has a fixed layer, a barrier layer formed upon the fixed layer, and a free layer comprised of a low-crystallization temperature alloy of CoFeB—Z where Z is below 25 atomic percent of one or more of titanium, (Ti), ...

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A spin toque transfer magnetic random access memory (STTMRAM) element and a method of manufacturing the same is disclosed having a free sub-layer structure with enhanced internal stiffness. A first free sub-layer is deposited, the first free sub-layer being made partially of boron (B), annealing is ...

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In accordance with a method of the present invention, a method of manufacturing a magnetic random access memory (MRAM) cell and a corresponding structure thereof are disclosed to include a multi-stage manufacturing process. The multi-stage manufacturing process includes performing a front end on-lin ...

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Methods for generating a design for logic circuitry using rotary traveling wave oscillators (RTWOs) are described. A plurality of RTWOs are is arranged into an array of rows and columns. Adjacent elements in the array are interconnected so that the clocks in adjacent element are phase synchronous. C ...

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A storage firewall architecture, method and system that works in parallel with existing security technologies and, inter alia, provides application software authentication, user authentication & authorization in the execution of an application, examination, verification, and authentication of all st ...

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A flash-RAM memory includes non-volatile random access memory (RAM) formed on a monolithic die and non-volatile page-mode memory formed on top of the non-volatile RAM, the non-volatile page-mode memory and the non-volatile RAM reside on the monolithic die.

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A multi input multi output (MIMO) system for transmitting and receiving packets having a nested preamble format included in said packets and having poly-carrier long training sequence (LTS) and signal field (SIG) for training receivers, in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention. Said ...

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A multi-state low-current-switching magnetic memory element (magnetic memory element) comprising a free layer, two stacks, and a magnetic tunneling junction is disclosed. The stacks and magnetic tunneling junction are disposed upon surfaces of the free layer, with the magnetic tunneling junction loc ...