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A method for the decoration of a transparent plastics material article comprising the steps of providing an article having a transparent plastics material body to be decorated, said article body to be decorated having internal stresses and having characteristic physical properties, and directing a p ...

John N Thornton: Sheet stack divider. Wiggins Teape, Imirie Smiley & Guay, July 31, 1979: US04162649 (70 worldwide citation)

A layboy mechanism for the continuous stacking and delivery of batches of sheet material received from a delivery mechanism and comprising means for continuously receiving cut sheets and forming them into a downwardly moving stack, divider means for dividing the stack into batches containing a prede ...

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A fibrous element comprising an elongated structure having a fibrous core with the fibres arranged in random orientation, said core being stiffened and enclosed by a fibrous crust integral with the core and formed as a surface layer of greater density.

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A voltage multiplier for an electronic time-measuring apparatus comprising cells, each of which including two capacitors, a pair of complementary field-effect transistors (FET'S) acting as switches, and an inverter comprising a pair of FET'S. The elements of the cells are such that they are capable ...

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Sheet material having a polymeric surface for receiving a photographic image, the material comprising an antistatic agent which is a synthetic hectorite clay having a layered structure the layers of which are electrically charged.

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A hand press for a vegetable, herb, spice or fruit, such as garlic, comprises two doublearmed levers having arms of unequal length. The shorter arms constitute a pressing member and a sieve member. The longer arms constitute handles. A pinned plate is provided, which is set with pins, which protrude ...

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A handle for hand tools that must be rotated during operation such as screw drivers, wrenches or the like comprises a T-shaped member including a central beam portion and a prependicular cross-bar portion. The central beam portion comprises a sleeve structure having an axially disposed blind bore ad ...

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A method of excavating tunnels comprises digging an excavation to form a tunnel, gradually pushing a casing inwardly of the excavation as the excavation proceeds, the cross-sectional area of the excavation being larger than the outer cross-sectional area of the casing in order to provide a hollow an ...

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A device for enabling an accumulator to be recharged from a source of electrical energy, such as photo-cells. The device includes a converter circuit and a diode, the converter circuit being capable of adapting the current and voltage supplied by said source to the charging conditions of the accumul ...

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The present invention relates to a film holder for bite-wing X-ray films with a centering device for the X-ray cone comprising an indicator rod portion extending parallel to a central guide axis of the holder and provided for guiding the X-ray cone and an index projection indicating the horizontal m ...