Gutman Levitan: Virtual personal channel in a television system. Ilya Zborovsky, July 9, 1996: US05534911 (548 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for providing a customer of a television system with virtual personal channel which being selected delivers a television program of the most personal interest no matter on which channel and at what time the program is physically transmitted. Descriptive and time/channel data of schedule ...

Gutman Levitan: Integrated virtual telecommunication system for E-commerce. Virtel Corporation, Ilya Zborovsky, January 26, 1999: US05864823 (350 worldwide citation)

A system for distribution of advertisements to interested recipients only via one-way nonaddressable television media and for transmission of orders from recipients to advertisers via two-way addressable Internet media. A system for electronic delivery of newspapers, magazines, books, music, video a ...

Sam Zhadanov: Blood lancing device. Ilya Zborovsky, April 19, 1994: US05304193 (230 worldwide citation)

A blood lancing device for puncturing a skin has a lancet longitudinally displaceable in a first direction to puncture a skin of a patient and then into a second opposite direction out of the punctured skin, a spring having an active stroke, a toothed rack displaceable by the spring during its activ ...

Iosif Baumberg: Arrangement for and method of tele-examination of patients. Zvi Halperin, Ilya Zborovsky, February 2, 1988: US04722349 (97 worldwide citation)

A tele-examination of patients' pulse and blood pressure is performed by automatically measuring the pulse and blood pressure and transmitting electrical impulses of sound impulses corresponding thereto without time or frequency separation via communicating channel, such as a telephone.

Yuri Maishev, James Ritter, Leonid Velikov: Universal cold-cathode type ion source with closed-loop electron drifting and adjustable ion-emitting slit. Advanced Ion Technology, Ilya Zborovsky, December 14, 1999: US06002208 (77 worldwide citation)

A universal cold-cathode type ion source with a closed-loop electron drifting source and with an ion-beam propagation direction perpendicular to the plane of electron drifting is intended for uniformly treating stationary or moveable objects with such processes as cleaning, activation, polishing, th ...

Alena Rogalsky: Medical needle unit. Ilya Zborovsky, August 27, 1996: US05549570 (76 worldwide citation)

A medical needle unit has a needle having a tip insertable in as well as withdrawable from the body of a patient and a protective element for preventing accidental puncture by the tip of the needle after the withdrawal the tip of the needle from. The body, the protective element includes a hood move ...

Norm Gitis, Michael Vinogradov: Method and apparatus for controlled polishing. Center for Tribology, Ilya Zborovsky, July 10, 2001: US06257953 (65 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for controlling a polishing process, in particular for detecting an end point of the polishing process, comprising a rotating platen with a pad, a rotating head that supports an object to be treated, e.g., a semiconductor wafer, and performs radial movements with respect to the platen, ...

Yasha I Feldman: Multi element security system. Ilya Zborovsky, August 17, 1999: US05938706 (62 worldwide citation)

A multi element security system for a vehicle and the like has a central processing unit for storing driver's fingerprint data and driver's image data, Fingerprints Entry a unit and photo image entry a unit connected with the central processing unit so that when a key ignition lock is inserted finge ...

Jacob Gluz, Benjamin Poku: Electronic device for playing bingo, lotto and allied card games. Ilya Zborovsky, April 5, 1983: US04378940 (52 worldwide citation)

An electronic device comprising a master controller, numeric and alphanumeric displays, a numeric keyboard, control buttons, a pattern-input switch matrix, a card-input assembly and an optional audio module--all in one unit--automatically reads coded numbers on a card, accepts numbers as well as pat ...

Vadim A Davankov: Artificial kidney. White Eagle International Technologies, Ilya Zborovsky, August 13, 1996: US05545131 (51 worldwide citation)

An artificial kidney system comprises an artificial kidney forming container having an inlet blood port connectable with a patient's artery and an outlet blood port connectable with a patient's vein so that blood from the patient's artery can flow through the inlet port into the container, then thro ...

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