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A quantum dot laser includes a laser host material; a plurality of quantum dots disposed in the host material; and a pumping source for exciting and inducing a population inversion in the quantum dots.

Michael Foley: Automated manufacturing costing system and method. The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Iandiorio & Dingman, September 28, 1993: US05249120 (181 worldwide citation)

An automated manufacturing cost estimating method and system with indirect cost allocation which identifies a material in an initial state for manufacturing a product in a final state; defines an operation for converting the material from its initial state into the final state of the product; calcul ...

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An acoustic transducer includes a perforated capacitor plate; a movable capacitor plate spaced from the perforated plate; springs for movably supporting the movable capacitor plate relative to the perforated plate; and a support structure for supporting the perforated and movable plates, where the m ...

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A heart-synchronized pulsed laser system includes a laser; a device for sensing the contraction and expansion of a beating heart to be synchronized with the laser; a device, responsive to the device for sensing, for generating a trigger pulse; a control for positioning the leading edge of the trigge ...

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A reconfigurable fiber-forming resin transfer molding system including a sealed chamber with first and second spaced flexible diaphragms for holding a fiber workpiece and press and die mold surfaces for forming the fiber workpiece.

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An improved bar code reading system for reading bar codes having a wide range of intensity of reflected radiation includes repeatedly scanning a beam of radiation across a bar code containing bar and space code elements; monitoring the number of scans of the beam across the bar code; sensing the rad ...

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A method and apparatus to augment keyboard input to a computer: the apparatus including a sensor mounted on the keyboard which is responsive to physical contact by the user's hand and which emits signals corresponding to changes in pressure and position on the sensor. The apparatus also includes a c ...

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A technique for the translaminar reinforcement in the z-axis direction of composite laminates utilizing an apparatus and method for heating and softening the composite laminates by ultrasonic energy, penetrating the composite laminate, moving the composite laminate fibers aside, inserting a reinforc ...

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A solid state, directional, thermal cable including a bundle of elongated, flexible, carbon fibers having a high thermal conductivity in at least the longitudinal direction. Couplings at each end of the cable, bind together the fiber bundle and thermally engage the cable with objects having differen ...

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An optical fiber includes a multimode primary core having an index or refraction N.sub.1 and doped with a material providing optical gain; the cladding surrounding the core having an index of refraction N.sub.2 ; and a secondary core doped with an absorbent material for providing optical loss in unw ...