James Dyson: Shroud. Notetry, Ian C McLeod, January 7, 1992: US05078761 (159 worldwide citation)

A disc-shaped shroud having a cylindrical section (50c, 132) adjacent to an inner surface (15b, 111b) of a cyclonic container (15, 111) including a preferred combined shroud and disc unit (50) for use in a dual inner and outer cyclonic vacuum cleaner (10) is described. The combined shroud and disc u ...

William Wei, Jeffery A Dettloff, Ronald J Austin, Richard G Bean, Harrold J Rappold, James L Green: Combination bingo and poker game. Melange Computer Services, Mary M Moyne, Ian C McLeod, June 27, 2000: US06079711 (155 worldwide citation)

A combination Bingo and Poker game is described. The game uses a game board (10) containing a matrix of Bingo places (16). The Bingo places each have a Bingo number (26) and playing card indicia (28). The game is played similarly to standard Bingo with the players marking the places on the game boar ...

Jie Zhang, Jes Asmussen: Method and apparatus for plasma treatment of a surface. Board of Trustees operating Michigan State University, Ian C McLeod, July 8, 1997: US05645645 (148 worldwide citation)

A radiofrequency wave apparatus and method which provides a relatively high concentration of reactive species from a plasma for the treatment of a surface particularly of a substrate (31) with a complex geometry in a holder (62) which masks a portion of the substrate. The radiofrequency waves are pr ...

Douglas L Federau, William L Fringer, Frederick High: Method and apparatus for rating geographical areas using meteorological conditions. Okemos Agency, Mary M Moyne, Ian C McLeod, November 17, 1998: US05839113 (131 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for rating geographical areas based on the severity and/or frequency of different meteorological conditions. To determine the rating of a geographical area, raw data information from meteorological charts is gathered. The raw data scale for each meteorological condition is div ...

James Dyson: Vacuum cleaning apparatus. Prototypes, Ian C McLeod, May 2, 1989: US04826515 (130 worldwide citation)

A cleaning apparatus including cyclones (11, 52, 81, 107) connected to a uniquely configured receiving chamber (12, 53, 99, 112) is described. The chamber has a diameter furthest from the cone opening (32, 75, 98, 118) at least 3 times the diameter of the cone opening such that dirt is not re-entrai ...

James Dyson: Vacuum cleaning appliances. Prototypes, Ian C McLeod, March 4, 1986: US04573236 (121 worldwide citation)

A vacuum cleaning apparatus with an improved air control valve (22) for directing air flow to a passageway (11) in a casing either from a cleaning head (2) or a hose section (6) is described. In the preferred form the valve rotates to provide internal passages to the air passageway in the casing. Th ...

Bernard R Tennes, Galen K Brown, Joseph R Clemens, Henry A Affeldt, Siamak Siyami, Brian A Klug, Hans R Zapp: Impact detection apparatus. Board of Trustees Operating Michigan State University, Ian C McLeod, May 17, 1988: US04745564 (119 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for measuring and recording accelerations or other physical quantities experienced by easily damaged items of commerce such as fruit and electronic computers. A triaxial accelerometer or other suitable sensor produces signals which are sampled by a microprocessor operating according to ...

Alptekin Aksan, John J McGrath: Method for controlling the chemical and heat induced responses of collagenous materials. Board of Trustees of Michigan State University, Ian C McLeod, April 23, 2002: US06375672 (111 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method for strengthening collagen in collagenous tissue which uses the controlled application of heat to induce shrinkage or contraction of the collagen in the tissue and a cross-linking means which cross-links the shrunken collagen in the tissue thereby stabilizing ...

James Dyson: Combined disc and shroud for dual cyclonic cleaning apparatus. Notetry, Ian C McLeod, August 1, 1989: US04853008 (107 worldwide citation)

A combined disc and shroud unit (30) for use in a dual cyclonic cleaner (10) is described. The unit fits on the outside surface (12b) of the cyclone (12) and aids in removal of dirt and fibrous particles in the container (11). Improved separation is achieved because of the unit.

Jes Asmussen, Joseph J Root: Ion generating apparatus and method for the use thereof. Board of Trustees operating Michigan State University, Ian C McLeod, March 26, 1985: US04507588 (104 worldwide citation)

A radio frequency wave ion generating apparatus which provides a thin disc shaped plasma adjacent an ion attracting means is described. The radio frequency waves are preferably microwaves. Several improvements to microwave plasma generation are described including the steps of generation of a resona ...

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