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A fluid dispenser useful in automated biological reaction systems comprising a barrel having a reservoir chamber, the barrel having an upper portion and a lower portion, a cap located on top of the upper portion of the barrel and connected to the reservoir chamber, the cap having an external surface ...

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A method and apparatus for inhibiting the motion of a vehicle comprising a housing having a cavity, the cavity adapted to contain a net so that the net may be made available for release on command; tire engagement spikes supported by the housing, the spikes being movable to a first position to engag ...


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A method for detecting single copies of a gene in-situ using brightfield microscopy is used in detection of nucleic acid sequences. Probes are directly or indirectly labeled with alkaline phosphatase with NBT/BCIP used as the chromogen.

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An automated rotary microtome blade changing apparatus, comprising an upper stage being adapted to releasably engage a supply cartridge and a waste cartridge, the upper stage having a loading segment adapted to engage and move blades contained within the supply cartridge into a cutting position; cla ...