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A pedal driven vehicle such as a bicycle which employs oscillating levers instead of crank type pedals, and endless chain to which the two pedal levers are respectively connected, one to each run of the chain by pull and push rods to impart an oscillatory movement to said chain and in which the osci ...

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A process for the manufacture of intravenous solution filter units includes injection molding a sealing member onto the periphery of the assembled filter components to hermetically seal the components into an integral assembly. The filter unit itself includes a housing and a filter element disposed ...

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An energy absorbing apparatus is provided to dissipate the energy of the impact force of a vehicle. A plurality of energy absorbing sheets are arranged in a stacked relation to resist the impact force and to thereby dissipate the energy of the force. Each sheet has a honeycomb structure of hexagonal ...

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A method for storing electric power and later utilizing the stored power is described which includes the steps of converting the electric power to chemical energy of molecular hydrogen, reacting the hydrogen with a source of carbon to produce a hydrocarbon compound such as methane or methanol, stori ...

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An improved body function assistance device is provided wherein a microprocessor controls the response of the device to various external physiological events and internal timer events. The microprocessor is adapted for use with the limited energy supply available from a battery by activating interna ...

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Water-soluble vinyl addition polymers and gums may be rapidly dissolved in water by first dispersing these polymers into a water-in-oil emulsion and then inverting these emulsions in water. The inversion of the emulsion releases the polymer into water as a solution.

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The present invention relates to a process and apparatus for making sealed filter units which include a plurality of filter elements. The apparatus includes a lower mold half for supporting a filter element support and a retractable locater member. The retractable locater member includes a reduced c ...

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A balloon catheter for insertion in a body passage includes an elongated coil spring which defines a lumen. This coil spring is covered by a silicone covering which includes an extensible sheath, a strain relief collar affixed to the sheath, and a balloon tip affixed to the strain relief collar. The ...

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A wall comprising concrete blocks each having a longitudinally extending, wedge-shaped groove in one side thereof, the groove communicating with a pair of bores that extend through the block. The block is molded in a hollow shell or frame open at its top and bottom, the frame removably mounting a su ...

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A thermally insulated vessel for cooking, serving, and storing of foods and beverages, particularly adapted for use in microwave cooking units. A double-walled vessel is provided, including an outer container and a removable inner container, both having substantially similar shapes. The inner contai ...